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Welcome to Language Technology World (December 23rd, 2009)


Last updated: December 23rd, 2009

LT World is the most comprehensive WWW information service and knowledge source on the wide range of technologies that deal with human language. The service is provided by the German Language Technology Competence Center at DFKI. Contents will constantly be improved. Please send corrections and pointers to missing information to feedback@lt-world.org.



EU Language Industry
'worth 8.4 bn Euros'

Europe's €8.4bn language industry is set to grow by 10% annually over the next few years after having recorded one of the highest growth rates of any EU industrial sector despite the economic crisis.

According to a European Commission-backed study the size of the EU language industry, the first of its kind, found that the bloc's language sector recorded turnover is €8.4 bn in 2008.

"The language industry seems to be less affected by the financial crisis than other industry sectors," it found. Putting the growth down to the fact that "the industry is different from what it was years ago," Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban said "the rise of new fields such as subtitling, localisation and editing" had shown that European language professionals "need to acquire new competences".

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Obama White House calls for Machine Translation

Automatic, highly accurate and real-time translation between the major languages of the world issued a "Strategy for American Innovation"

In September, the Executive Office of the President and National Economic Council issued its “Strategy for American Innovation.” Among the recommendations was a call for “automatic, highly accurate and real-time translation between the major languages of the world — greatly lowering the barriers to international commerce and collaboration.” In other words, machine translation (MT) has captured somebody’s attention in the President’s inner circle.

Having an American President cite an advanced language technology as one of the enablers to improve “our quality of life and establish the foundation for the industries and jobs of the future” is not that common an occurrence. So, even though we found this recommendation as the very last bullet in a dense thicket of dozens of other initiatives in a 22-page policy paper, it reinforces our contention that the current administration understands the importance of language both abroad and at home, to both improve the ability of American businesses to engage with foreign buyers and of the U.S. government to better understand the thinking of its partners on the world stage.

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SpinVox close to accepting $150 million takeover by Nuance.
Optimism as Artificial Intelligence pioneers reunite.
Bing to hit 10 % in search share on the cost of Yahoo!
powerset launched but not as a competitor to google.
I.B.M. automated translation tool n.Fluent supported by 400.000 employees.
MultiMT technology from Multilizer to allow for automatic evaluation of machine translation quality.
Multilingual network XIHA Life created thriving cross-cultural community and sustainable business model.
CMU the driver behind its region's companies in LT.
aitendant's innovative commerce platform to allow for natural language instructions besides clicks.
Simplifydigital to present natural language guided selling tool.
Large-scale automated annotation of biomedical and chemical texts and images in pharmaceutical patents offer new perspectives.
Nuance platform to power AT&T Voicemail-to-Text service.
AppTek announces MediaSphere, iPhone deal.
Nuance Dragon Search now available from the App Store.
Supporting semantics: EU-funded project to create open test platform at large scale.
First full implementation of Sensitive Artificial Listener software SEMAINE-2.0 released.
The Intel Reader: as big a boon as a braille?
Turning thoughts into sounds.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) launches its first three Knowledge and innovation Communities (KICs).
UNESCO signing agreement to help put the first multilingual domain names into operation.
".eu" internet domain now available in all EU languages.
Third generation of GÉANT to pioneer the future internet.
Web accessibility no longer an afterthought.

Microsoft and Yahoo! to finally sign their business deal.

Happy Holidays 2009

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The LT World portal
sits on new Architecture

The LT World portal has now switched to its new architecture. The current system contains the entire wealth of information collected since its start in the year 2000.

The architecture behind the portal provides many new features, like dynamic lifeSearch or linkage to individual records. Additionally, LT World now allows for user registration and distributed editing, and is ready to scale.

Especially for the knowledge-intensive contents, namely the technology descriptions and links to relevant sources and initiatives, we started to systematically organize the updates, involving carefully selected area specialists from the global LT community.

LT World supports emerging standards such as CERIF. It has established the interchange of LT World information with CLARIN based on the CERIF XML standard:

LT World will further strengthen the collaboration with other existing initiatives such as ELRA, FLaReNet, CLARIN, LDC and Language Grid.

The extension of services and further development of LT World will be a central component of the upcoming Network of Excellence "Technology Alliance for Multilingual Europe" and in this role LT World will serve as an interface between initiatives and communities of researchers, technology providers, and stakeholders.

You are now invited to explore the new system and enjoy new features. It would be great, to get feedback about the bugs or problems you encounter:


Happy Holidays 2009

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