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    Being Multilingual

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    The aim of this blog is to discuss what it means to be multilingual. Multilinguals are those of us who use several languages in our daily lives.
    I am one of them. As a parent, an educator and a researcher, I have come to notice that multilingualism is often misunderstood, and often correlated with either over-ability or disability. Myths and misconceptions about multilingualism have consequences at home, in school and in clinic.
    I have also noticed that the languages used by multilinguals are the usual focus of attention. My focus is the people, because languages do not exist independently of their users. Multilingualism is not about what several languages can do to people, it is about what people can do with several languages.

    If you ever wondered about multilingualism, whether you are monolingual or multilingual, whether you acquired your languages from birth or later in life, this blog is for you.


    author: Madalena Cruz-Ferreira

    My latest book, Multilinguals are...?, deals with myths, paradoxes and misconceptions about multilingualism. See endorsements at Battlebridge Publications and reviews at My Pages.