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Language Technology News for 2003

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New contents are provided biweekly. Please email any relevant news to .

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Hitachi Telecom (USA) and Digital Speech Systems announced Sales Agreement
Hitachi Telecom will offer its customers WinInn Series Voice Mail systems manufactured by Digital Speech.
VR Solution from TuVox to handle post-Christmas Tech Support
Retailers annually dread the post-Christmas rush of people returning presents that don't fit, don't match, don't work or simply aren't wanted. But the return counter isn't the only place gift-getters turn after Christmas.
Patent granted to EchoMail emphasizes Complexity of Electronic Mail
EchoMail's patent is for a "Relationship management system and method using asynchronous electronic messaging." Put more simply, it's about automating email responses.
Nuance to receive 2003
Nuance announced today that Technology Marketing Corporation's(TM) Customer Inter@ction Solutions® magazine has named Nuance Call Steering(TM) 1.0 a Product of the Year for 2003.
RNIB launches Voice-enabled book catalogue
The Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) is to launch a Talking Books catalogue using speech technology.
Connexor Machinese Phrase Tagger Version 4.3 Released
Machinese Phrase Tagger is a fast text analyser that enriches the text with base forms and tags for part of speech, morphology and basic meaningful entities (e.g. modifier-head sequences).
French Highway Subsidiary to select ScanSoft Technology for Traffic Information Service
ScanSoft, Inc. announced that Cofiroute has selected SpeechPearl(R) speech recognition software, a member of the SpeechWorks(R) Suite of Network Speech Solutions, as the core technology for its new real-time traffic information service, Traffic-One.
Elan Speech launches British version of Elan Sayso™.
The specialist in voice synthesis enriches its multilingual offering, Elan Sayso™, reinforcing its position on the British market with two new voices.
Nokia gets Multilingual with Secure Access
Nokia Corp's enterprise solutions business group has updated its Secure Access System SSL browser-based remote access technology with support for new languages and improved support for web-based applications.
Very helpful information system only fails with emotional politeness
A nice little story about strength and weakness of Speech Dialogue Systems.
Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English (MICASE) now available
We strongly encourage people to order the "downloadable version" instead of the CD-ROM version of the corpus. This way, you can simply type in a unique address/URL in your web browser and save the corpus to your local hard disk.
First-rate mobile phone organizer 5500 with Babel's Speech
The P2B (Person to Bot) Consortium released a new Cyber Community to unite humans and chatbots
This new technology allows users to bring a TANU (Transplantable Artificial Neurological Units) AI chatbot with them when they chat.
Product release of LingCom's Speech Signal Analysis software lingWAVES
lingWAVES represents a modern tool to analyze technical signals on the PC, mainly used for speech and video recordings.
Search Engines as Personal Shoppers?
In early December, popular search engine Ask Jeeves signed a deal with to create an Ask Jeeves branded comparative shopping web site.