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Language Technology News for 2003

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LUCY Corpus about modern written British English now available
The first release of the LUCY Corpus is now ready.
Second version of the CLarK system released.
CLaRK - an XML Based System For Corpora Development.
New french LT Portal 'technolangue' launched
Intelligent Enterprise Magazine on Information Retrieval and Text Mining
Text analytics provide concept discovery, automated classification, and innovative displays for volumes of unstructured documents.
Language Weaver to offer new translation module for Arabic
Language Weaver announced the commercial availability of an Arabic to English language pair module for its automated translation product.
Air Products to select Inxight SmartDiscovery to provide information for 10.000 Intranet users
A World Leader in Global Electronics and Chemical Processing Relies On Inxight Technology to Deliver True Value From Its Information Assets.
Trados to combine LT with Content Management platform
TRADOS Incorporated announced today the availability of the TRADOS Language Server ™ for Documentum.
Cornell Researchers to combine techniques for paraphrasing sentences
We paraphrase all the time, often without thinking about it. Try to give a computer the means to reword a sentence, however, and it becomes apparent that figuring out how to say it differently is complicated.
1.5 million pounds for Graham to develop latest Language Technology
Graham Technology is leading the way in developing innovative research to enable people to communicate more easily with computers.
PC Magazine forsees Machine Translation in information access
The days of translation and natural-language software insisting on spewing amusingly idiotic interpretations may be headed for the history books.
LangTech 2003 in Paris successfully concluded
LangTech 2003 was a successful and fruitful event, with over 350 industrial and academic representatives, who came to visit LangTech 2003, meet partners and potential customers, with the 21 exhibiting companies.
iVoice to deploy IVR system for Berhard C. Harris publishing company
iVoice, Inc. today announced that Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company is deploying an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR), for the Directory Solutions Division.
Philips to release UK MultiMed ConText for hospital-wide Speech Recognition
Philips Electronics announced the release of the UK MultiMed ConText for its speech recognition software SpeechMagic.
Babel's language learning software now available for Arabic
Babel Technologies announced that Auralog has launched TeLL me More Arabic with Babel’s Advanced Speech Recognition engine “Babear” inside.
Learning robotic pets for therapeutic use
Evolution Robotics gave me a copy of its ER Vision demo. The utility demonstrates how the company's visual recognition environment works.