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Language Technology News for 2003

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InBoxer Software from Audiotrieve prevents from Spam overlaod in MS Outlook
InBoxer was introduced today for Microsoft Outlook users seeking a junk email free Inbox. Unlike traditional spam fighters, InBoxer continuously learns by example to reduce spam by more than 99 percent.
LDC to Announce the Availability of two New Publications
The 2001 Communicator Evaluation is the second publication to result from the Communicator program. ... All audio files have been converted into SPHERE format; there are 53394 sphere files, totalling approximately 102 hours of audio.
IBM targets Baby Boomers - Speech Technology for aging PC users
IBM will reuse technology it developed for the disabled to target baby boomers who are entering their 50s and 60s.
Dictionarium - Tools for Corpus-Based Dictionary Creation
Dictionarium is a set of tools working as auxiliary in dictionaries compiling which has been developed within at the Universidade de Sao Paulo.
USC Researchers Build Machine Translation System
In less than a month, researchers at USC's Information Sciences Institute and collaborators nationwide built one of the world's best systems to translate Hindi text into English and query Hindi databases using English questions.
ESTER campaign - Evaluation of Speech Processing Systems for French
La campagne d'évaluation ESTER vise à l'évaluation des performances des systèmes de transcription d'émissions radiophoniques.
Butler in Dashboard
A driver of the future — the near future, IBM says — will be able to dictate and send e-mails, get spoken directions to a restaurant, even play a game of "Name That Tune" with his onboard computer.
Pentagon Seeks to Sort, Store Lifetime Experience
The projected system called Lifelog would suck in all of a subject's experience. The LifeLog goal is to create a searchable database of human lives to promote artificial intelligence.
Public information made more accessible for blind and visually impaired via Reading Kiosk
PocketBabil is the embedded text-to-speech version of Babil, a high-quality multi-lingual TTS synthesizer, based on Babel ’s unique Multi Band Resynthesis Overlap Add concatenative algorithm. This patented technology is available in 18 languages.
Autiotrieve - new Company started by former Dragon Systems ececutives
Dragon Systems announced today the formation of Audiotrieve, LLC, a new company dedicated to applying speech and language technologies.
ScanSoft Announces Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech Developer Toolkits for Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PCs
ScanSoft, Inc. announced that the ScanSoft® SpeechPearl® automatic speech recognition and RealSpeak™ text-to-speech toolkits will support Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 software
Keyboard for Africa's Largest Spoken Mother Tongue
Projects like the Yoruba Keyboard Project undertaken by African Languages Technology Initiative, winner of this year's IICD Award on Local Content Applications are taking advantage of information technology.
Spoken Instructions instead of Typos: Adeline Associates to introduce VoiceWebPlus
Adeline Associates Ltd has announced its VoiceWebPlus service. VoiceWebPlus enables customers and prospects to access information about a company’s products and services over a standard telephone using normal speech.
Biometrics Meets E-Commerce
Biometrics are machines and programs that identify people from their fingerprints, voices and facial contours.
Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) has committed to invest more than EUR200 million, or around a third of its budget, in 100 research projects over the last three years
The organisation was set-up to invest in researchers and research teams, particularly those in cutting-edge areas, working in the fields of ICT and biotech. It has a funding budget of EUR646 million up to 2006.