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Language Technology News for 2004

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New contents are provided biweekly. Please email any relevant news to .

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Facial-recognition software to help identify suspects
The Los Angeles Police Department is experimenting with facial-recognition software it says will help identify suspects, but civil liberties advocates say the technology raises privacy concerns and may not identity people accurately.
Experience with virtual phone characters
I dialed 411 recently, and a female voice asked, "What city and state, please?" I said, "Landover, Maryland," and the voice replied, "You said England. Is that correct?"
PROMT to announce free online Translation Technology for English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Russian
PROMT eXcellent Translation (XT) Technology PROMT presents a translation technology of new generation called PROMT XT (eXcellent Translation, XT). This technology dramatically increases the efficiency and productivity of translation processes. PROMT leveraged our over 20 year’s experience of academic research in the field of natural language processing to deliver the most advanced translation solutions. PROMT XT technology breaks through the bounds of machine translation approaching as closest as none before to the human-like translation.
SWOOGLE research project to search for Semantic Web documents that use a set of properties and classes.
Swoogle is a research project of the ebiquity research group in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Partial research support was generously provided by DARPA contract F30602-00-0591 and by NSF by awards NSF-ITR-IIS-0326460 and NSF-ITR-IDM-0219649.
Microsoft Selects SDL in Multi-Million Dollar Contract
SDL International announced today that it has been appointed as a "premier supplier" of translation and localization services to Microsoft. The agreement, which is not constrained by language or by Microsoft product, includes a multi-million dollar minimum commitment each year for 3 years.
ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Special Offer
ELDA is happy to announce that their monolingual and multilingual dictionaries are available at half price for a purchase made before the end of December 2004. Other formats and other services may be supplied by the data owner upon request (e.g. conversion into buyer's formalism, selection of subsets of the words missing from your own dictionary). More information about these resources and many others is available in our on-line catalogue, at
Technology updates from IBM alphaworks: Voice Toolkit Preview and Multimodal Tools Plus
Voice Toolkit Preview - A toolkit that extends the new IBM Rational Software Development Platform with voice application development capabilities. / Multimodal Tools Plus - A package including voice-enabled Multimodal Browsers and the Multimodal Toolkit, which is an Eclipse-based tool designed to speed development of browser-based applications on embedded devices that require both visual and voice interaction.
K-Praxis Launches a Revamped News Analysis Website
K-Praxis has revamped its website with a new interface and has enabled its analysts with technology solution developed by Textual Analytics Solution to analyze and track trends in the area of online information management. With more and more textual information is being made available online -the Internet as a medium has focused significantly on textual information. K-Praxis is an attempt to understand and analyze the news, issues, technologies and trends around online textual information using tools built on top of the analytical platform developed by Textual Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Inttranews provides news for the Language Industry (Free testing for 5 days).
The Inttranet (, a multilingual portal designed by and for professional interpreters and translators, offers a news site called Inttranews ( Inttranews provides summaries of news articles on all the events in every field of interest to the language market.
IBM Alphaworks releases Unstructured Information Management Architecture SDK
Unstructured information management (UIM) applications are software systems that analyze unstructured information (text, audio, video, images, etc.) to discover, organize, and deliver relevant knowledge to the user. In analyzing unstructured information, UIM applications make use of a variety of analysis technologies.
Uncommon Sense: Looking back from 2020
With this column, Peter Cochrane and are pleased to announce the winners of our competition for the best 'Uncommon Sense' idea. The first-prize winner is Ian McNairn, an IT professional, trained biologist and serious photographer living in Buckinghamshire, England. He's been reading Peter's columns on for over two years.
QA Distiller: Automated Translation Quality Control
Ycomm Europe, an integrated documentation services provider, is proud to announce the product launch of QA Distiller and ColourProof, part of an integrated Translation Quality Control service. Ycomm Europe has identified the need to automatically detect measurable errors or defects in translations, and has therefore developed QA Distiller, a fully automated quality assurance tool that scans bilingual files and translation memories for omissions, inconsistencies, formatting issues and terminology mistakes.
W3C to release "Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One' as a Recommendation
The World Wide Web uses relatively simple technologies with sufficient scalability, efficiency and utility that they have resulted in a remarkable information space of interrelated resources, growing across languages, cultures, and media. In an effort to preserve these properties of the information space as the technologies evolve, this architecture document discusses the core design components of the Web. They are identification of resources, representation of resource state, and the protocols that support the interaction between agents and resources in the space. We relate core design components, constraints, and good practices to the principles and properties they support.
Forrester Research to name Nuance Voice Platform a Top Market Leader
Nuance announced that Nuance Voice Platform(TM), the industry's first open, standards-based platform optimized for speech, was named a "Top Market Leader" by analyst firm Forrester Research in its December 8, 2004 Forrester Wave(TM) report, Evaluating Speech Self-Service Platforms. The Nuance Voice Platform received top honors because of the strength and scalability of the offering, Nuance's strategy, proven track record and market presence, as well as the Company's standards compliance and financial momentum.
Speech recognition systems continue to improve
Making customers talk to a computer rather than a human has been a sure-fire way of scaring them away and losing business. Early attempts at speech recognition produced clunky, unreliable services that frustrated users with their seeming inability to understand simple phrases.