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Language Technology News for 2004

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Lucent to bid over $300m for Marlborough's Telica
The deal represents a long-hoped-for vote of confidence in the local telecom sector, especially for the voice-over-Internet protocol market in which Telica has become an increasingly strong alternative to bigger players like
SEKT - Synergy between human language technology, machine learning techniques as well as ontology management methods
Europe’s semantic web projects start to mesh
Relaunch of LT World
LT World has been re-launched with extended contents, a fresh user interface, and an ontology-based knowledge structure and system architecture.
EU approves software patent changes
The European Council on Tuesday approved controversial changes to the European Union's Software Patents Directive that will pave the way for widespread patenting of software in Europe.
Plans for a European Union-wide patent - a key part of the EU's strategy for making businesses more competitive - have been shelved indefinitely.
The proposal was put on the back burner on Tuesday after officials from the 25 EU countries failed to patch up their differences over the issue. Unless fresh proposals are drafted, the plan is now likely to be abandoned. The patent would have allowed firms to protect their inventions across the whole EU with a single application.
Nuance announces 2004 Nuance Voice Industry Award Winners
During a special opening keynote address today at the seventh annual V-World speech industry conference in Orlando, Nuance, the voice automation expert, announced the winners of the second annual Voice Industry Awards.
Intelligent Voice Technology to become popular in China
2004/05/17 english/2004-05/01/ content_1450331.htm
Intelligent voice technology promises a wonderful prospect on the Chinese market in the coming five years and expects to play an important role in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.
How to optimize images for Image Search
EGOL, a poster in the SEOChat forum, claimed he got over 5000 click throughs one month from the Google image search. He also claims that "you can promote some products better in google images than you can in the SERPs," and goes on to suggest that you, "pick a good image that represents your product well."
Telisma to introduce its new Plug&Talk networked SR generation
Based on a new core architecture, teliSpeech features a long list of innovative technologies such as patented decoding on the fly, eXtra Large Vocabularies or noise catcher. TeliSpeech has been conceived to remove the barriers to mainstream speech services, to pave the way for the future and to become the preferred ASR technology for voice services providers.
Voxpilot and Eureka Soft announce their merger at Voice World 2004
Eureka Soft and Voxpilot, the pan-European VoiceXML company, are announcing their merger at VoiceWorld Europe 2004 in London. The new company will be presenting its portfolio of complete solutions for mobile and fixed-line operators, service providers and enterprises world-wide.
Scansoft to introduce Steffi, a new female German Text-to-Speech Voice
ScanSoft today announced the availability of "Steffi," a new female text-to-speech (TTS) voice for RealSpeak™ and RealSpeak™ Solo. Steffi is the first in a series of new TTS voices to be introduced by the SpeechWorks Division of ScanSoft to support telephony-based and embedded applications for European and Asia-Pacific markets.
XML syndication supporters mulling W3C move towards Atom and RSS
The World Wide Web Consortium invited the Atom community to form a working group under its auspices, rather than within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Atom proponents since have been pursuing the formation of a working group in the IETF, a first step toward creating a formal standard.
EZArchive launches Advanced Search and Retrieval with NLP
EZArchive Inc. announced that it will add advanced search and retrieval capabilities to allow users to quickly and easily locate photos, video, audio and text documents from amongst their personal media archives. This latest addition of functionality, scheduled to be available June 1, 2004, further differentiates EZArchive as the most advanced online personal digital media asset management Web site available today.
SAP to create Prototype that uses natural language search technology
If I’m ever fortunate enough to have a group of friends sing my praises in print, I hope it reads something like RealTime: A Tribute to Hasso Plattner.
Ask Jeeves closes acquisition of Interactive Search Holdings
"The acquisition of Interactive Search Holdings is an important step in Ask Jeeves' growth strategy. This acquisition doubles our market share and enhances our ability to compete in the fast-growing search market," said Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Ask Jeeves.