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Language Technology News for 2004

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Ericsson to launch "talking Intranet
Ericsson employees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are now able to access internal company information via "Outspoken" service, implemented by Voxpilot and Sigma.
Inboxer: Best Spam Filter solution with LT-based technology
InBoxer Anti-Spam Filter continues to win every competitive review in both the U.S. and Europe.
Speech enabled RSS Reader released
Hex Software, an Icelandic mobile application development company, announced today the availability of a Speech Enabled RSS reader.
Bluetooth handsfree system to move PEIKER Acustic into Mainstream U.S. Automotive markets
Already Used By Chrysler, Ford And BMW/Mini, Peiker Is Responding To An Increasing Need For A Safe Alternative To Holding Or Operating Cellular Phones While Driving.
Scansoft to Host 2004 European Partner Forum on Speech Technology
Educational Forum Arms ScanSoft Partners with New Products, Applications, and Services to Accelerate Results in Europe's Growing Speech Technology Market.
German Language Technology Summit
Leaders from the German lindustry, research and government will meet in Saarbrücken on 11 May for the first German Language Technology Summit.
ABBYY FineReader 7.0 Corporate Edition to 1,212 Slovak schools
The deal is part of the Info-vek – the Slovak for “Information Era” – project which aims to bring information technologies into the classroom.
of Services with MicroAutomation and Scansoft
One of the largest Medicare contractors in the United States is now providing unprecedented service to thousands of providers daily following the successful installation of a new speech-enabled application by MicroAutomation and ScanSoft, Inc.
IBM to unveil new Compliance Tasks Software
IBM announced new software designed to help organizations that are faced with meeting government and industry regulations by enabling them to automate tasks associated with managing, retaining, and securing business information.
Technologists eye Innovations for next Google
One company has an idea for how search engines can catalogue the Web more completely.
Veritas to embed Autonomy's Technology
Autonomy Corporation announced an OEM agreement with VERITAS, Inc. VERITAS Software has embedded Autonomy's technology into the new VERITAS(TM) Data Lifecycle Manager 5.0 software.
John C. Dvorak for PCMagazine: Search Engine Mania
Not all is lost: A recent issue of MIT's Technology Review details some of the new approaches to searching, including the unique clustering methodology employed by Mooter.
Jim Hedger from ISEDB about the specifics of the big 3 Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN
The more things change, the more they seem the same. The battle-dance for dominance between Google, Yahoo and MSN continued through the first quarter of 2004 with all three making fairly significant changes in their operations.
Linux-based Appliance slowing down Spam at 95
Officials at Cox Communications Middle American broadband ISP operation said the anti-spam program, based by Corvigo's intent-based filtering, provided almost immediate benefits.
New Version of Open Text's Livelink Discovery Server
Open Text today introduced a new version of Livelink Discovery Server, a powerful search engine product designed for companies that publish large quantities of customized information.