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Language Technology News for 2004

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£ 6m Venture Capital for Fluency Voice Technology
Two European technology venture capital firms, Favonius Ventures and Kennet Venture Partners Ltd have joined forces to invest £6m in Fluency Voice Technology Ltd.
About Speech Technology. John Pallatto for Week
For years people who have struggled to work with mindless interactive voice response (IVR) systems have wondered when computers might become smart enough to react like conversational human beings.
Speech Market to inroad
A day after Microsoft Corp. entered the speech technology market, the two leading speech vendors on Thursday echoed the message that speech is hitting its market stride during a keynote here at the AVIOS SpeechTEK 2004 conference.
Microsoft to unveil new Mobile and Speech Products
Software giant Microsoft has unveiled two new products: Speech Server 2004 and an updated version of its software for mobile phones.
NAVIGON to select Scansoft's Embedded System to speech-enable PDA-Navigation
ScanSoft, Inc. announced that NAVIGON GmbH has selected VoCon® 3200 Embedded Development System 2.0 to speech-enable MobileNavigator 4, the latest release of NAVIGON's award winning navigation software.
Is W3C's RDF ready for primetime?
On 10 February 2004, RDF (Resource Description Framework) became a W3C Recommendation. This means, in the eyes of the W3C, that the specification is ready for widescale deployment.
TUVOX to deliver Speech Solutions on Microsoft Speech Server
TuVox announced today that it will enhance the TuVox CVR System to run on the Microsoft Speech Server, which is based on the open industry standard Speech Application Language Tags (SALT).
Connexor to announce licencing Agreement with FastSearch
Connexor has signed a licensing agreement with Fast Search & Transfer.
Advances in WebFountain project
IBM would like to see its WebFountain supercomputing project become the next big thing in Web search.
Talent leak drains AT & T Think Tank
When AT&T Labs was carved from Bell Labs in the 1995 breakup of AT&T , the telecom giant set lofty goals for its new research arm.
FreeLing - Open Source suite of Language Analyzers
The tools have been developed at TALP Research Center, in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
CSLI to announce release of Infomap NLP Semantic Learning Software - an Open Source Package for Natural Language Processing
The Infomap NLP Software package uses a variant of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) on free-text corpora to learn vectors representing the meanings of words in a vector-space known as WordSpace.
Sakrament announces Personal Voice Master 1.0
Sakrament announces Sakrament Personal Voice Master 1.0, the unique program designed for automatic creation of a user's personal synthesized voices.
Skona Brittain for Dr. Dobbs Journal about Natural Language Understanding
Before AI researchers tried to make computers understand natural language, it was thought to be a relatively straightforward matter.
MetaCarta makes Geographic Search Easier
Geographic Text Search makes finding geographic sensitive information much easier. Released by MetaCarta, GTS is designed to find and organize search results based on a region of interest that the user indicates.