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Language Technology News for 2004

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Convera introduces taxonomies to improve Categorization of Knowledge Assets
Convera today extended its leadership in the use of taxonomies for search and categorization by introducing five new industry-specific taxonomies that reduce the time and cost of organizing an enterprise's knowledge assets.
WhatPC?: Interview with Intel CTO Pat Gelsinger on future technologies
For the last 30 years the interface for computers has been the keyboard. As Intel's chief technology officer, do you think something better will arrive?
Study shows speech and gesture differ in their communication sequences
The ability to develop a form of communication that becomes a simple language is a skill that extends beyond childhood, according to new research on the use of gestures among deaf children and experiments with adults.
ELRA to establish Antonio Zampolli Prize.
Antonio Zampolli Prize for: Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Language Resources and Language Technology Evaluation within Human Language Technologies
Xerox to unveil new Categorization Tool
Xerox's Research Centre Europe announced that they've come up with new classification software clever enough to "read" an electronic document.
Ask Jeeves to improve News and Weather Information Search
Ask Jeeves UK is stepping up the pressure on the search engine market as it reveals improvements to the technology powering its news and weather information searches.
Franz Och to join Language Weaver consulting Chinese Translation development
Franz Och, noted statistical machine translation expert, joins company as consultant.
Technology Review about Search beyond Google
Google reigns supreme as the search engine of choice—but for how long? A pack of startups—and Microsoft—are developing technologies to find what you want, faster.
Fast to sign Joint Activities with Sakhr Software Co.
Fast Search & Transfer(FAST), announced that it has signed a joint sales and marketing agreement with Sakhr Software Company, the leading Arabic IT company specializing in developing Arabic technologies.
Kirusa and 8hertz partner to deliver Multimodal Applications
Kirusa and 8hertz technologies GmbH have teamed up to deliver innovative, multimodal applications to Germany’s major car manufacturers, enterprises, and service providers.
ELRA to announce Availibility of new Spoken Language Ressource
The language resources available in ELRA's catalogue are distributed into 4 categories : "Speech and Related Resources", "Written Resources", "Terminological Resources", and "Multimodal/multimedia resources".
Government Computer News about the Semantic Web
If anyone understands the acronym soup of Web services, it’s Michael C. Daconta. He’s director of Web and technology services for systems integrator APG McDonald Bradley Inc. of McLean, Va.
TTE2004 - Translation Technology Event: Programme now available
Translation Technology Event, TTE2004, features the latest trends in language technology. Exhibitors and seminar speakers represent national and international highly qualified experts in the field of language technology, research and training.
SVOX to enable Barrier-free Mobile Communication for Senior Citizens
SVOX AG has introduced two new mobile communication solutions - Mobile Senior and Mobile Accessibility.
New Emotion Research Portal launched
This is the portal website of the Network of Excellence HUMAINE, targeted to become a key resource in an exciting research area: emotions and human-machine interaction.