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Language Technology News for 2004

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Linux Aims For ISO Status: Combining Operating System with LT
A combination of operating system and language technology is expected to garner International Standards Organization approval around mid-2005, according to the FSG.
T-Mobile to Select Tellabs Voice-Quality Enhancement System
What better entity to assign repetitive scientific tasks, like working out the function of specific genes, than a robot?
Nuance to Report Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2003 Results
as compared to $13.8 million in the 2003 third quarter.
Connexor to Announce Licence Agreement with HIIT
Under this agreement, HIIT has licensed Machinese text analysers for use in its research by the Complex Systems Computation Group.
in 2003
Inxight's success resulted from increased sales of its award-winning enterprise software solution, SmartDiscovery(TM). The company continues to experience growth in its core target markets of government intelligence.
Speech Recognition Centers Reduce Call Time by 35
In addition to cross-selling and up- selling practices, financial services companies implement speech recognition systems to generate added revenue from call centers, according to Cutting Edge Information's report.
Autonomy to Announce Multilingual Swedish Government Contract
Autonomy Corporation plc announced that The Swedish Agency of Public Management has selected Autonomy to power the government's public information portal site, Sweden Direct.
Neospeech to Introduce VoiceNotify - Automated Telephony Reminder and Notification Service
NeoSpeech announced the launch of VoiceNotify, an outbound notification platform for the automotive market.
New Archive of Publications by Google Employees about the Engine's Operations
Want to learn how Google works? A new archive of publications by Google employees offers deep insights into many aspects of the search engine's operation.
Contact Center Automation Software by Interactive Intelligence Product of the Year
The annual award is given to companies that have demonstrated a commitment to quality, and a commitment to the further development of the contact center industry through their contributions.
Why the Future of Search May be Open Source
Doug Cutting, president of open source search software project thinks he has the next big thing in search: open source.
Sweet Dreams Made by Machine
A new gadget designed to help people shape their nightly slumber means dreams could be full of whatever the sleeper desires -- whether it be a date with a movie star or winning gold at the Olympics. About Multimodal Interaction on the Web
The W3C Multimodal Interaction Activity is developing specifications as a basis for a new breed of Web application with multiple modes of interaction.
The World Social Forum was Speaking in 13 Languages This Year
The World Social Forum is speaking in 13 languages this year. And amazingly, most of the time, everyone understands what the others are saying.
Spam Filters for Dictation ?
Do not use profanity. Be very careful when discussing financial or business affairs. Avoid any mention of your private parts. Do not offer any guarantees, or refer to checks that may or may not be in the mail.