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Language Technology News for 2004

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Sakrament announces release of TTS Engine Symbian edition for Russian
Sakrament announces the release of Sakrament TTS Engine Symbian edition. This solution is the first Russian speech synthesis software for Symbian, the best-in-class operating system for mobile devices.
US Navy Medical Corps is beta testing e-TAP system, that translates Arabic Speech into written English Text
Imagine you are an enlisted humanitarian aid worker in Iraq. You are trying to understand whether local press influence will assist or hinder your communications with the people you are trying to serve.
Inxight support for Multi-Language search capabilities within SAP NetWeaver
Inxight® Software(TM), Inc. announced today that it has enhanced its long-standing alliance with SAP AG through the expansion of a software licensing agreement between the two companies.
The future voice of speech-driven interfaces
With speech recognition databases spanning 24 languages, SpeeCon ( is helping organisations throughout Europe create linguistically diverse voice-driven applications capable of recognising commands in different languages and operating in diverse acoustic conditions.
Mobile Text Messaging and Email with the latest in Machine Translation
Your colleague in Germany thumb-types “Wir benötigen fünf tausend Kondensatoren bis zum Dienstag” into her cell phone. Three seconds later and nine time zones away, the translated text pops up on your Blackberry: “We need five thousand capacitors by Tuesday.”
Three week assignment in Iasi, Romania for an expert in Computational Linguistics.
All expenses will be paid for a volunteer to help the Romanians develop an electric dictionary in Romanian. This will help to keep their own language in communications technology.Knowledge of how other European electronic dictionaries were developed using the CORPUS bank of English Linguistic Software Applications is necessary.
Contact Centers Await Next-Generation Speech
IBM's donation of some US$10 million worth to the open-source community to help developers build speech applications was, of course, not completely altruistic. IBM has used this strategy with great effect in the past to put competitors (especially those that might be based in Redmond, Washington) and the standards that they support (in this particular case, SALT) on the defensive.
XMP: potential standard for pdf, jpg and other formats within the Semantic Web?
The Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) is a specification describing RDF-based data and storage models for metadata about documents in any format.
SpeechTEK 2004: Voice Technologies need the human touch
Analysts, users, and more than 100 vendors gathered at SpeechTEK's 10th anniversary conference to discuss speech technology's current and future trends last week at New York's Marriott Marquis.
Ariadne Genomics and GeneGo collaborate to improve Data Analysis
Ariadne Genomics Inc. and GeneGo, Inc. today announced integration and co-marketing of tools for functional analysis of high-throughput experimental data. Ariadne Genomics' MedScan TextMiner automated text processing pipeline will be integrated and co-marketed with MetaCore TM , GeneGo's flagship analytical platform that includes proprietary, manually curated databases of human biology and chemistry.
The future of the Semantic Web is here today and is evenly distributed
This is a follow up on my previous essay Applying Distributed XML to The Open Source Paradigm Shift. In this essay I will argue that the tools to do this exist now, and that all factors point toward a future of owning and publishing all our contributions. The future of the Semantic Web is Here and is evenly distributed today. So, let's get started.
Online travel search engine, Mobissimo, to become the "Google" for best airfares.
The travel industry just got more interesting. is the first relatively complete meta-search for online travel. Mobissimo's new, yet-to-be-released, but available and functional airfare search service might save you a good amount of time and money the next time you attempt to book a flight online.
More robust user interfaces ?
Tired of using a mouse to control your PC? Perhaps there is another option for when your arm starts to ache: your nose. A novel PC control system lets users nudge a cursor around the screen with gentle movements of their nose. Blinking the left or right eye twice takes the place of left or right mouse clicks.
TuVox wins Gold in Industry Challenge at SpeechTEK 2004
TuVox, the pioneer in enterprise software for speech applications, was recognized as the winner of the Speech Solutions CHALLENGE II sability award at SpeechTEK 2004. In order to be named the Gold Usability winner, TuVox outperformed eight other teams - comprised of 15 vendors from the speech industry.
Acapela's speech synthesis helps to teach illiterate adults (registration needed)
Acapela Group has been chosen as the technological partner for the German portal ("I want to learn how to write"), which is a free website aimed at training illiterate adults. Only a few hours after launching on September 8, 2004, the portal experienced more than 40,000 connections and 1,700 registrations. Acapela's speech synthesis reads aloud the exercises and the corrections with a pleasant and natural voice, and enables an easy navigation of the website.