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Language Technology News for 2006

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Quantech to plan innovative development application for speech therapy based on emotion detection
Quantech Electronics Corp. announced that it plans now an innovative development application for speech therapy based on the emotion detection project. Speech usually reflects the emotional state of the subject. This state can be detected from speech and used for generating a wide range of responses such as verbal response or interacting with a computer.
The Science of Software: Microsoft and scientific community work together to transform the world of computing.
Imagine a computer language that's used to create biological constructs instead of spreadsheets. How would you like to write code that modifies cells, invents smart drugs or turns the way plants process energy into new power sources for humans?
ClearForest announces winners of the 2006 Semantic Web Services Mashup Competition
ClearForest announced the winners of its 2006 Semantic Web Services (SWS) Mashup Competition. With the release of ClearForest's SWS platform in October 2006, ClearForest launched a mashup developer competition to promote creative and innovative uses of real time semantic web processing that demonstrate the value of machine-readable news.
Total Recall: A Microsoft researcher is determined to record everything about his life. Everything
At age 71, computer pioneer Gordon Bell is as active, combative, and restless as ever. The legendary creator of Digital Equipment Corp.'s seminal VAX line of minicomputers in the mid-1970s is now a sort of researcher-at-large for Microsoft Corp., working in a tiny San Francisco center devoted to research on databases large and small.
It's a Wiki, Wiki World
The wiki- prefix comes from the Hawaiian word wiki, which means quick or fast. Programmer Ward Cunningham first used the term in a software context back in the mid-’90s, when he created a collaborative site called WikiWikiWeb.
Linguatec and Chinese Academy of Sciences agree on cooperation
The German language technology specialist Linguatec and the renowned Chinese Academy of Sciences have reached an agreement on strategic cooperation. The goal is joint research and development of new language technology solutions to make closer ties between Europe and China possible.
DARPA launched project that aims to create real-time translation software
The past few years have shown that U.S. government intelligence goes only so far. One of the biggest challenges is recognizing vital information in foreign languages — and acting quickly on it. That's why the military would love software that can listen to TV broadcasts or phone conversations and read Web sites in Arabic and Chinese, translate them into English and summarize the key elements for humans. hopes to become the Web's neighborhood search engine
2006/12/04's search engine is sharpening its focus on local results in an attempt to make a bigger splash on the World Wide Web.The long- overshadowed company is hoping to finally outshine much-larger rivals Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. with a new service meant to become a one-stop destination for information about neighborhood events, movies, restaurants and other businesses.
Teragram's direct answers chosen by KMWorld Magazine as Trend-Setting Product of 2006
Direct Answers is selected from more than 1,500 products, and evaluated for its vision toward the future, usability, flexibility, adoption rate and total cost of ownership. This is the second consecutive year a Teragram product has appeared on KMWorld's influential Trend-Setting Products list.
The ACL has created a new wiki specifically for Computational Linguistics
The wiki is running under the auspices of The Association for Computational Linguistics. The purpose of this wiki is to facilitate the sharing of information on all aspects of Computational Linguistics: it contains not only articles about corpus linguistics, speech recognition and so on, but also information about conferences, mailing lists and other useful information.
South African language innovators bridge digital divide
2006/11/30, a cyber project meant to take computing to South African languages, has won the prestigious African ICT Achiever 2006 Award for bridging the digital divide in the continent by breaking down the language barrier.
Google Ending 'Answers' Service
Google Answers, the expert-driven social site launched by the company in April 2002, will stop accepting new questions this week, Google said Wednesday. The product elimination comes a month after Google executives vowed to reduce and simplify its broad product offerings.
EuroMatrix: Statistical and hybrid Machine Translation between all European languages
EUROMATRIX aims at a major push in machine translation technology applying the most advanced MT technologies systematically to all pairs of EU languages. Special attention will be paid to the languages of the new and near-term prospective member states. As part of this application development, EUROMATRIX will design and investigate novel combinations of statistical techniques and linguistic knowledge sources as well as hybrid MT architectures.
Free German online dictionary adds spelling reform
Canoo announced that it has added the August 2006 spelling reform changes to its online German dictionaries and grammar at .
SVOX FORUM 06: Standards, trends and perspectives in the automotive and mobile navigation industry
The SVOX Forum 06, which took place in Zurich, 16-17 November, was host to 65 international experts on the possibilities and challenges of merging incar electronics systems with portable devices.