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Language Technology News for 2006

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Microsoft partners with College of Computing at Georgia Tech and Bryn Mawr College to form institute for Personal Robots in education
Microsoft Corp. announced the creation of the Institute for Personal Robots in Education (IPRE) in partnership with the College of Computing at Georgia Tech and Bryn Mawr College. The institute is designed to reinvigorate computer science curriculum by delivering robotics technology tailored for teaching purposes, scientifically evaluated for its effectiveness in live teaching situations.
mInfo Inc. delivers China's Natural Language mobile search service
MInfo Inc., a leading Chinese mobile search service provider, is expanding availability of China's natural language mobile search service to the country's metropolitan markets.
Language Weaver releases several European languages for latest version of its automated translation software
Language Weaver announced it has added a support option for the most recent version of its statistical machine translation software, SMTS version 4.1, that allows users to input source data from hundreds of file formats and still preserve the look of the original document in the translation.
juris connects TEMIS’ XeLDA® linguistic engine to its CM platform to optimize document indexing
TEMIS and juris GmbH, announced they have signed a major technology deal. Under this agreement, juris will embed TEMIS’ XeLDA® linguistic engine into its legal online-research platform. XeLDA® will be used to enhance the existing retrieval of legal documents. launches NL tool based on heuristical rankings
Answers Corporation announced the availability of its Brainboost technology (US Patent Pending #10/595,252), providing users with short, to-the-point responses to English language questions.'s 2005 acquisition of Brainboost's answer extraction technology drives this advance.
Speculation: Talking iPod forthcoming
Apple's not talking, but the company has filed a patent that shows a next-gen iPod with speech capability, telling you what song will play next in a variety of celebrity voices.
CBaySystems introduces CBayFlo VoiceDirect
Using CBayFlo VoiceDirect, everyone involved in the medical transcription process -- physicians, HIMs, and transcriptionists -- is able to take advantage of greater speed, quality and security, from capture, to review, to transcription, to approval, to records management and archiving.
BACS project: giving perception to robots based on the Bayes' theorem
The ETH Zurich is coordinating the integrated research project BACS (Bayesian Approach to Cognitive Systems), which is being sponsored by the EU and will run until 2010. In this project, researchers are investigating the extent to which Bayes' theorem can be used in artificial systems capable of managing complex tasks in a real world environment.
EDF Energy successfully deployed Fluency’s SR technology
of its calls are now handled by the ‘human like’ automated speech system.
Unlocking the promise of Web 2.0
In all of recorded history, there has never been a better time to share your comments about anything with everyone. That used to be called gossiping, conversing, or publishing. Now all three can be united in a stream of expression to which others freely subscribe.
When it comes to numbers, words count
Despite using the same numerals in computing, English and Chinese speakers displayed different brain activities in processing them, according to a new study conducted by a China-US research team.
Words worth 1000 pictures
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created an online multiplayer game that allows use of collected data to improve web accessibility for people with visual impairments.
Philips Speech Recognition technology chosen by Danish Parliament
Royal Philips Electronics announced that its speech recognition technology SpeechMagic has been chosen in an EU tender and will be integrated into the Danish parliament's Official Report publishing system. The speech recognition system will shorten the turnaround time of reports from the parliament's proceedings.
Military getting high-tech help from SRI lab
During a recent product demonstration at SRI headquarters in Menlo Park, computer scientist Harry Bratt spoke into the microphone of his lab's new translation computer: "Did you hear the explosion this morning?"
The Senseval committee announces the debut of "SemEval: Evaluating Semantics" and calls for proposals
Welcome are proposals for any tasks that can test an automatic system for semantic analysis of text, be it application dependent or independent. Especially encouraged are tasks for different languages,cross-lingual tasks, and tasks that are relevant to particular NLP applications such as machine translation, information retrieval and information extraction.