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Language Technology News for 2011

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Chrystal Semantics to integrate its multilingual Semantic Targeting and Brand Savety Control into AppNexus
Crystal Semantics announced deployment of its leading semantic targeting technology within AppNexus, the real-time advertising platform used by ad networks, demand-side platforms, and other leading online advertising companies.
More than half EU internet surfers use foreign language when online
While 90% of Internet surfers in the EU prefer to access websites in their own language, 55% at least occasionally use a language other than their own when online according to a pan-EU Eurobarometer survey released today. However, 44% of European Internet users feel they are missing interesting information because web pages are not in a language that they understand and only 18% buy products online in a foreign language. The results underline the need for investment in online translation tools so that EU Internet users are not excluded from finding information or products online because they lack the language skills.
Nuance to buy Equitrac for $157M
Nuance Communications Inc. is acquiring print management software firm Equitrac Corp. of Plantation, Fla., for $157 million cash, the Burlington company noted in a news release. The buyout adds Equitrac’s print management and cost recovery software to Nuance, and secures the partnerships both companies hold with Canon, Xerox, Ricoh, HP and Konica Minolta.
Apple and Google defend their data handling
US Congressional testimony centers around what "location" really means, and who's responsible for how apps behave.
The GALA Standards initiative: Where are we?
Since the GALA Standards Initiative was announced, we have been focused on gathering information on the requirements of various constituencies and drafting a plan for further activity. We are happy to announce that the first draft of our plan is ready for limited distribution. This plan presents a broad view of standards that emphasizes issues of education, training, promotion, and coordination of efforts. As we have previously emphasized, GALA is not trying to become a standards body or take over the excellent work done by groups like ASTM, OASIS, ISO TC 37, ASTM F43, and others. Instead our plan emphasizes the development of a cooperative platform to support the work of these groups and help users of the standards benefit from them more consistently.
Developing countries need help To get research results patented
Developing countries are not taking advantage of discoveries made by their scientists and researchers because they lack an appropriate intellectual property infrastructure and expertise, according to a long-time United States proponent of IP rights speaking in Geneva last week. He called for development funds to be redirected to address these shortcomings rather than only supporting IP enforcement initiatives.
Euroscript ventures into North America with a New Partnership
Luxembourg-based euroscript International announced a joint venture today called BGS euroscript Inc. The company has partnered with Brink Global Solutions, LLC, based in Minneapolis, to form the new company. We sat down with Mark Evenepoel, euroscript International’s Chief Executive Officer, to learn more.
Researchers Create a Schizophrenic Computer
We know what schizophrenia looks like in humans. We think we know what schizophrenia looks like in mice. Now we may know what it looks like in a computer. Researchers at the University of Texas have modeled the disease in a natural language parser, called DISCERN, as a way to test competing theories of the neural mechanisms that cause schizophrenia.
IDG: 25 ways IT will morph in the next 25 years
Imagine a world where the computers, networks and storage systems are all tens of thousands of times faster than they are today -- and then think about the sci-fi type of applications that will be possible.
A new breed of Research Management System
Thomson Reuters has launched Research In View, which the company describes as a new breed of research management system that will provide universities with the most comprehensive and timely view of institutional performance.
How To Reach Global Markets: Are Computers The Future Of Translation?
Using a computer to translate one human language into another — is the sci-fi dream that’s coming true. While the claim of translator droid C-3PO in the Star Wars films to be “fluent in six million forms of communication” can’t be matched by current computerised systems, Google Translate does already offers 57 core languages, giving over 3,000 possible language permutations. So surely, it’s only a matter of time before human translators are out of a job?
Lingotek and Acquia partner for Drupal Translation
Lingotek can now be embedded directly in Drupal through a set of APIs, which can provide community members access to unlimited language translations through Lingotek's professional, community or machine translators.
Commission selects six future and emerging technologies (FET) projects to compete for research funding
Six research projects selected to compete for two top spots in the area of research into future and emerging technologies (FET) have been announced today by the European Commission at the FET11 conference and exhibition in Budapest. The six contenders will receive around €1.5 million each to refine their proposal for one year, after which only two will be selected. The aim of these flagship initiatives will be to deliver major breakthroughs in information and communication technologies (ICT), with the potential to provide solutions to some of society's biggest challenges. The two initiatives selected for long-term funding will run for 10 years, each with a total budget of up to €100 million per year.
Kantar Video Partners with OpenAmplify for online Video Tracking tracking
OpenAmplify will power advanced social analytics and semantic insight for the VideolyticsTM Platform giving marketers a greater understanding of Social Video ROI and viewer intent.
Precyse announces Commercial Release of Intelligent Workflow Solution for Health Information Management
Precyse, a leader in health information management (HIM) services and technologies, announces the general availability of precyseCode™, the most advanced and comprehensive health information management platform available today. PrecyseCode is driven by state-of-the-art technologies that understand and process human voice, converting it to text and transforming it to information. Now commercially available, the precyseCode software features Computer-Assisted Coding that uses unique Natural Language Comprehension™ (NLC) to create a patient's clinical story, allowing for the assignment of appropriate, compliant ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes, procedure codes and SNOMED clinical terminology.