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Language Technology News for 2012

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Real-time Speech Communication on Packet Networks named an IEEE Milestone
In the 1970s and early 1980s, the Laboratory, working on its own and in collaboration with other research laboratories, conducted pioneering research, development, and experiments in the use of packet networks for speech communications. In August 1974, the first real-time packet speech, between Lincoln Laboratory and the University of California's Information Sciences Institute in Marina del Rey, California, used 8 kbps continuously variable slope delta modulation to digitize the speech, and traversed at least eight hops on the ARPANET (for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). The first real-time linear predictive coding (LPC) communication over the ARPANET, with speech coded at 3.5 kbps, took place between Culler Harrison, Inc. (CHI) in Goleta, California, and the Laboratory in December 1974. In 1976, CHI, SRI in Palo Alto, California, and Lincoln Laboratory participated in the first real-time LPC conferencing over the ARPANET. And, in June 1982, a major achievement was realized: packet-speech conferencing over a wideband satellite network was demonstrated by linking voice terminals on local-area cable networks at Lincoln Laboratory, a mobile packet radio net at SRI, and the Information Sciences Institute, where a special interface provided connection to the regular switched telephone network.
Yahoo India bets big on regional languages
At a time when digital media and search majors like Yahoo and Google are struggling with the monetisation of platforms that they have already built, Yahoo India is looking to introduce at least 5 new languages to its content search options by the end of the year. According to Prem Panicker, managing editor of Yahoo India, in the next 5 years, the language space will see an addition of up to 20 million users per language. “This is in itself a huge potential market waiting to be explored,” he explained.
New Alcatel-Lucent Technology from Bell Labs enables Instant Language Voice Translation (ILVT)
Tony Guez, Application Business Development Director, Alcatel-Lucent France, here explains how this universal language translation service is provided through telephones and the Internet: "As one person begins a conversation in English, the service translates the dialogue in real-time, so that the person on the other end of the phone – say in Spain – hears a version of that dialogue in their native tongue in real-time. The system also produces an instant text output of the dialogue which could be viewed on the screen of the telephone." "And we also offer a conference call mode: I say "Hello", Roberto hears "Ciao", a few seconds later Joules hears "Bonjour" and José hears "Ola" – all in the same conversation, all at the same time and each accompanied by instant text on his own screen. Roberto was on a smart phone, Joules was using VOIP, and José was on his landline."
TAUS announces partnership with APET
TAUS, the translation innovation think tank and interoperability watchdog, announces a partnership with APET (Portuguese Association of Translation Companies). This partnership allows the respective members access to the networks, communities and knowledge of the two organizations as well as preferential rates on membership.
Innovation without Age Limits
Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley prefer to fund the young, the next Mark Zuckerberg. Why? The common mantra is that if you are over 35, you are too old to innovate. In fact, there is an evolving profile of the "perfect" entrepreneur—smart enough to get into Harvard or Stanford and savvy enough to drop out. Some prominent figures are even urging talented young people to skip college, presumably so they do not waste their "youngness" on studying.
Commonsense Advisory released TMS Live to identify and compare Translation Management System Options
Common Sense Advisory, Inc., an independent market research firm specializing in the language services industry, has created TMS Live, an interactive tool enabling companies to identify and compare the translation management system (TMS) options that best meet their requirements. The new tool replaces the TMS Scorecards.
How Evi Compares to Siri: Evi’s Clever, Too, But Slow
Getting Siri’s voice-recognition capabilities on your phone just became a possibility for Android users and a bit less expensive for iPhone users. Meet Evi — a $.99 app for iPhones and free for Android. For such a nominal price, don’t expect Evi to be on par with Siri. There are some major differences with Evi as opposed to the quick and integrated Siri. Evi will not schedule meetings on your calendar or let you dictate text messages. But for functions like finding local shops, restaurants and general information, it’s pretty helpful.
Introducing Evi: Siri's new worst enemy
Another smart-looking competitor to Siri's voice throne has exploded onto iOS and Android this week. It's called Evi, and today we're looking at whether it has the goods to take down the reigning Apple champ. Developed by an English company called True Knowledge, Evi is a fast, great-looking artificial intelligence app that wanders through multiple search engines, answer pages and user-generated content databases to find what you're looking for.
Pre-Announcement of the 5th call for proposals of the AAL JP
The AAL Association will announce the 5th Call for proposals of the AAL Joint Programme: ICT-based Solutions for (Self) Management of Daily Life Activities of Older Adults at Home. Most people prefer to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. When support is necessary, there are different options: using technology and/or assistance delivered by somebody else.
A Web Harvesting Power Tool for All
OutWit Technologies, publisher of innovative software based on its original data collection technology, announces the release of the first cross-platform Web harvester allowing the general public to easily collect information from the Internet, feed it to various destinations or open it in common applications. It includes hundreds of recognition and automatic extraction features to ease Web searches, create intelligent scrapers, collect data and media, sort and organize the information and export it in various formats. A built-in wizard system allows the user to get acquainted with all the main features running simple tutorials within the application interface.
M*Modal reaches partnership agreement with Merge Healthcare
M*Modal Inc, a leading provider of clinical narrative capture services, Speech Understanding technology and clinical documentation workflow, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Merge Healthcare to integrate its speech and language understanding technology across Merge's portfolio including its imaging and radiology offerings.
Reding unveils new EU data Protection Rules
After much internal strife, the European Commission published today (25 January) a broad legislative package aimed at safeguarding personal data across the EU. The proposal, if approved, is expected to strengthen citizens’ rights and could have a far-reaching impact on the way online data are collected and processed. Viviane Reding, the justice and fundamental rights commissioner, had to struggle to have her proposals accepted by other commissioners, but eventually managed to pass a set of new rules that will significantly increase the rights of citizens - if member states and the Parliament do not water them down.
Tabletop Computer Knows you by your Shoes
New research from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, aims to quell the frustration and strife that can come when multiple people use a single touch screen. The project, called Bootstrapper, uses cameras below a table to identify different users by their shoes. Each set of shoes is linked to an account that keeps track of a person's actions and preferences.
Divergent Views on Communicating with Machines During Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012
CES is a show focused on near-term product releases… those that will be launched later this year, in time for Christmas, and into next year. Throughout CES, almost all of the consumer products were demonstrating smarter products – smarter in the sense that they are connected to the Internet or a local net and have sensors or artificial intelligence that gather and process data and make decisions based on that information… all to add value to the product by providing convenience or entertainment to the buyer. In summary, it was easy to see that at CES 2012 the path to the next level of "smart" products is through the use of better communication with those products - gesture and voice recognition, and natural language, to command and control them – just like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.
Evi arrives in town to go toe-to-toe with Siri
When Siri arrived on the iPhone 4S I thought to myself, who else could do this? It would need to be a search engine with natural language processing, but also behave in the manner of artificial intelligence and respond to voice recognition. One company that sprung to mind was True Knowledge. I pinged them. Are you working on a Siri type application, I asked? Interesting question, was their response. And then they went quiet. Now they can reveal what they’ve been building. Evi is a new iPhone (iTunes link) and Android app in Beta (link) which might just give Apple’s Siri a run for her money. She – we’ll call this Artificial Intelligence a she – returns amazing results when consulted. Given that Siri is just not very good at giving answers which aren’t about the US, Evi might just be the Siri for the rest of the world, especially since Evi wil run on any Andoid or iPhone, and not just the 4S. I’ve seen her in action and Evi is very, very smart.