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Language Technology News for 2010

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Google and the Search for the Future
The Web icon's CEO on the mobile computing revolution, the future of newspapers, and privacy in the digital age.
Will you be our next Localization Genius?
Just answer all the questions in the form correctly, and Localization World will enter your name into a drawing for a full-conference pass for Localization World Seattle (a $950 value). If you have already registered and paid, we can easily reimburse you! The winner will also receive a special “Localization Genius” badgeholder to wear at the conference to display his or her localization expertise.
ABBYY launched 4.0 version of OCR Engine SDK
ABBYY, a provider of document recognition, data captures and language software, has announced the availability of the new 4.0 version of its Mobile OCR Engine software development kit, or "SDK." The ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine SDK is a software development kit, which allows developers of mobile and small footprint applications to integrate highly accurate optical character recognition technologies that convert images and photographs into manageable and searchable text. 
BayScribe and NLP International enter into strategic partnership to provide end-to-end Clinical Documentation Solutions
BayScribe enters into a strategic partnership to integrate and develop applications that leverage the unique capabilities of the MEDLEE Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology from NLP International. NLP International has created a universal SaaS portal to give healthcare facilities, MTSOs and Clinical Documentation Systems, like BayScribe’s Cloud-based platform, access to a broad range of applications designed to support automated, low-cost healthcare solutions to improve Quality, EHR Adoption and accelerate Meaningful Use.
Google offers cloud-based Learning Engine
Now Google has launched a service that could bring such smarts to many more apps. Google Prediction API provides a simple way for developers to create software that learns how to handle incoming data. For example, the Google-hosted algorithms could be trained to sort e-mails into categories for "complaints" and "praise" using a dataset that provides many examples of both kinds. Future e-mails could then be screened by software using that API, and handled accordingly. Machine learning is not an easy feature to build into software. Different algorithms and mathematical techniques work best for different kinds of data. Specialized knowledge of machine learning is typically needed to consider using it in a product, says Green.
US Scientists test mobile sign language
Asia Online & Across partner to link Translation Services into Busine(...)
Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) in the US are testing technology that could allow people with hearing difficulties to communicate using sign language over compressed video calls on their mobile phones
Open Text uses Nstein Technology to cook up Semantic Navigation
Open Text is putting one of their recent acquisitions — Nstein — to a good use. Like many others in the Enterprise CMS field, Open Text is after web engagement with better search experience and a chance at a more intelligent navigation.
Huffington Post & The "Wistom of Machines" crack open Semantic Web portal
With a promotional tagline of "artificially intelligent, naturally smart," ASI specializes in sentient analysis, powered by cutting edge machine learning methods. From major blog networks like CNN and Newsweek to social networks, to community reviews, JuLiA aggregates the community moderation process to surface content of consequence.
TAUS has launched a Translation Memories (TMs) sharing platform for sharing high quality language data
TAUS Data Association has launched a TM sharing platform with a contracts based legal framework for sharing high quality language data. Over 70 organizations globally have now taken a lead, been practical, taken ownership and joined. Six in the last month alone.
Fellow Consulting AG and NetBreeze GmbH integrate Web Monitoring in the CRM
The Fellow Consulting AG, CRM solutions provider with headquarters in Munich, in cooperation with NetBreeze, technology pioneer for semantic web analytics from Duebendorf near Winterthur in Switzerland developed a solution that enables the visualization and usage of semantic web analysis in the CRM.
US Scientists test mobile sign Langauge
Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) in the US are testing technology that could allow people with hearing difficulties to communicate using sign language over compressed video calls on their mobile phones.
QuickCal adds Calendar Events with Natural Language 
QuickCal, a smart appointment-making app that understands exactly what "Lunch at noon tomorrow at Swifty's for 45 minutes" means, is now available in the App Store. 
New tool for integration with Documentum, as well as integration with ComponentOne’s Doc-To-Help for SharePoint library access.
The new tool will give users access to all their Documentum content through SharePoint’scollaborative workspace and eliminate the need to train users in both products as well as providing a number of SharePoint features to Documentum users
XIHA connects Facebook and Twitter friends with Multilingual Translation
XIHA the multilingual and multicultural social network makes it even easier to meet new people around the globe by launching its new, comprehensive translation service. Additionally, XIHA users now have the ability to connect with more friends through the integration of Facebook and Twitter.
swingly, a Web-scale answer engine designed to find exact answers to factual questions
Swingly: A new 'semantic search engine':There's a new search engine on the scene that thinks it's time consumers "got some answers." The recently debuted Swingly is designed to give searchers direct answers instead of links to pages with relevant information.