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Language Checking

abbreviation(s): LC
definition: Language Checking comprises technologies used to detect and/or correct erroneous or inconsistent language use in documents. The scope of language checking technology ranges from general error correction, as performed by spell checkers and grammar chec
See also the corresponding HLT Survey chapter: http://www.lt-world.org/hlt_survey/ltw-chapter7-6.pdf
related project(s):
  • Technologie-Transfer intelligenter Sprachtechnologie (TETRIS)
  • Grammar checking and proof-reading (Granska)
  • Flexible Language and Grammar Checking (FLAG)
related organisation(s):
related system(s) / resource(s):
  • AECMA Simplified English Checker
  • Lingsoft's Swedish Grammar Checker
  • SMART MAXit Checker (Controlled English/AECMA Simplified English)
  • Microsoft Office
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