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Spoken Language Dialogue

abbreviation(s): SLD
definition: Spoken Language Dialogue covers man-machine dialog systems using speech as main means of user interaction as well as systems analysing spoken dialogues between humans. Such systems presuppose speech recognition, speech synthesis and spoken language understanding.
related project(s):
related organisation(s):
  • Natural Interactive Systems Laboratory (NISLab NIS)
  • Human Communication Research Centre (HCRC)
  • Center for Spoken Language Understanding (CSLU)
  • Center for Spoken Language and Research (CSLR)
  • LIMSI Spoken Language Processing Group (TLP)
  • SRI International
related system(s) / resource(s):
  • Nuance Products
  • IBM Voice Systems
  • TellMe.
  • Sympalog Speech Solutions
relevant source(s):
related publication(s):

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