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Morphological Analysis

definition: The technologies for or the process of tracing the inflectional, derivational, and compounding processes in the formation of a given word in order to determine properties such as stem form, part-of-speech and inflectional information. As a crucial preprocessing step, morphological analysis is used in virtually all fields of natural language processing.
See also the corresponding HLT Survey chapter: http://www.lt-world.org/hlt_survey/ltw-chapter3-2.pdf
related project(s):
  • Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora (Multext)
related organisation(s):
related person(s):
  • Günter Neumann
  • Dominique Petitpierre
  • Yuji Matsumoto
  • Kimmo Koskenniemi
  • Lauri Karttunen
related system(s) / resource(s):
  • ChaSen
  • Mmorph
  • Xerox Morphologien
  • Machinese Phrase Tagger
  • WMTrans Products
related publication(s):

PC-KIMMO: A Two-level Processor for Morphological Analysis.
E. L. Antworth.

Summer Institute of Linguistics, Dallas, Texas. 1990.

MMORPH -- The Multext Morphology Program.
D. Petitpierre and G. Russell. 1995.