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Linguistically Annotated Corpora

definition: Linguistically annotated corpora are text collections which are enriched with linguistic information.
related project(s):
  • Collaborative Research Center 378 (SFB 378)
  • CLaRK
  • Tübingen Treebank of Written German
  • Preparatory Action for Linguistic Resources Organisation for Language Engineering (PAROLE)
  • Deutsches Referenzkorpus (DEREKO)
  • textual corpora and tools for their exploration (TC)
  • The Saarbrücken Lexical Semantics Annotation Project (SALSA)
related organisation(s):
related person(s):
  • Jean Véronis
  • Tomaž Erjavec
  • Kiril Ivanov Simov
  • Silvia Hansen-Schirra
  • Geoffrey Sampson
  • Jan Hajic
  • Eva Hajicová
  • Stephan Oepen
  • Thorsten H. Brants
  • John A. Carroll
  • Laurent Romary
  • Hans Uszkoreit
  • Lionel Clement
  • Valia Kordoni
  • Anne Abeillé
related system(s) / resource(s):
  • Proposition Bank
  • XCorpus
  • UAM Spanish Treebank
  • TIGER Corpus
  • ICE-GB
  • SUSANNE Treebank
  • LUCY
  • Lancaster Parsed Corpus
  • Verbmobil Corpora
  • Japanese Corpus
  • English Parser Evaluation Corpus
  • Alembic Workbench
  • CKIP Chinese Treebank
  • MATE
  • NITE
  • French Treebank
  • Treebank Corpus for Turkish
  • Christine Treebank
  • NEGRA Corpus
  • Xkwic/CQP (IMS Corpus Workbench)
  • Korean English Treebank
  • LinGO Redwoods
  • PARC 700 Dependency Bank
  • Penn Treebank
  • Prague Dependency Treebank
  • ICE
related publication(s):

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