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Commercial Services

The Commercial Services section of LT World provides a country-driven view over services offered by organizations operating in the area of Natural Language Processing, such as: Localization Services, Multimedia Content Management Services, Human Translation Services, Consulting Services, E-Support Services, Proofreading Services, Transcription Services, Interpreting Services, Multilingual Management Services, Computer-Aided Publishing Services, Resource Management Services, Implementation and Deployment Services, Training Services, Language Learning Services. If you wish to add your service, please contact us at or use our update forms.

Interpreting Services
Albania (1), Argentina (3), Brazil (3), Bulgaria (1), Canada (6), China (4), Denmark (2), France (4), Germany (6), Greece (3), Hong Kong (1), India (1), Ireland (3), Italy (3), Japan (2), Lithuania (1), Netherlands (3), Poland (2), Portugal (1), Russian Federation (3), Singapore (2), Slovenia (1), Spain (9), Switzerland (1), Thailand (1), Ukraine (1), United Kingdom (13), United States (71),