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    Patents in the field of Machine Translation

    • Machine Translation System, Machine Translation Method and Machine Translation Program
    • Multilingual electronic transfer dictionary containing topical codes and method of use
    • Translation Server, Genre-Classified Online Machine Translation Method, and Program Therefore
    • Method and apparatus for developing a transfer dictionary used in transfer-based machine translation system
    • Machine translation apparatus and method
    • Machine Translation Method and Terminology Dictionary Selecting Method
    • Machine Translation System
    • Systems and methods for using anchor text as parallel corpora for cross-language information retrieval
    • Multilingual database creation system and method
    • Machine Translation System capable of Parallel Processing by Document Segmentation
    • Scaleable Machine Translation System
    • Machine translation system, method and program
    • Machine Translation
    • Machine Translation Techniques
    • System for Translating/Sorting Multilingual Searched Data and Method for Multilingual Search using the same
    • Multilingual conversation assist system
    • Device and Method for Machine Translation
    • Hybrid automatic translation apparatus and method employing combination of rule-based method and translation pattern method, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
    • Machine Translation System capable of Translating Documents having different formats
    • Document preparation method and machine translation device
    • Machine Translation Method and System
    • Method and system for generating lexicon of cooccurrence relations in natural language
    • Machine Translation Device, Machine Translation Method, Machine Translation Program and Computer Readable Recording Medium
    • Machine Translation Terminal Device, Machine Translation System, Control Method of Machine Translation Terminal Device, Control Method of Machine Translation System, Control Program of Machine Translation Terminal Device and Recording Medium
    • Method and system for translation management of human language text
    • Apparatus and Method for Multilingual Translation in Real-Time
    • Method and Device for Machine Translation
    • Method and apparatus for style control in natural language generation
    • System and Method for Distributing Multilingual Documents
    • Machine Translation device, Computer Readable Recording Medium Recorded with Machine Translation Program and Computer Program