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    Patents in the field of Multilingual Information Retrieval

    • Method for offering Multilingual Information Translated in many Languages trough a Communication Network
    • Inter multilingual retrieving system
    • Method and system for translingual translation of query and search and retrieval of multilingual information on the web
    • Multilingual document search method in which each document is allocated a keyword index in a base language and then search requests are input and processed in the same base language
    • Web page retrieval method, web page retrieval system and program for retrieving web page
    • Systems and methods for using anchor text as parallel corpora for cross-language information retrieval
    • Multilingual Ordered Data Retrieval System
    • Method and system for translingual translation of query and search and retrieval of multilingual information on a computer network
    • Distributed Realtime Speech Recognition System
    • Device, Method and Program for Retrieving Multilingual Document, and Medium recorded with the Program
    • System for Translating/Sorting Multilingual Searched Data and Method for Multilingual Search using the same
    • Multilingual electronic document translation, management, and delivery system
    • Multilingual Search Engine Supporting Multilingual Category and E-Marketplace System using the same
    • Multilingual information retrieval with a transfer corpus
    • Query transformation system and method enabling retrieval of multilingual web documents
    • Computerized cross-language document retrieval using latent semantic indexing
    • Multilingual document retrieval system and method using semantic vector matching
    • Systems, methods, software, and interfaces for multilingual information retrieval
    • Multilingual knowledge database search method in which a multilingual specialist glossary is created so that a search request can be translated into other languages and a single search of all documents implemented
    • Method and device for retrieving information, and storage medium