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    Patents in the field of Speaker Recognition

    • Method and Device for Voice Register using Speaker Independent Voice Recognition Technology
    • Computer voice recognition method verifying speaker identity using speaker and non-speaker data
    • Device and Method for Information Extraction and Device and Method for Information Retrieval
    • Speaker Recognition Method in Presentation System
    • Audio/video apparatus for providing personalized services through voice recognition and speaker recognition and a method of providing the same to avoid performing a separate user recognition procedure
    • Method for Automatic Detection of Different Speaker in Speech Recognition System
    • Method for the Voice Recognition of a Speaker using a Predictive Model, Particularly for Access Control Applications
    • Speaker Adaptive Training Method in Voice Recognition System
    • Adaptation of a speech recognition system across multiple remote sessions with aspeaker
    • 2-D processing of speech
    • Method of speaker voice recognition by telephone signals, involves picking off the voice signal via a microphone forming part of the telephone
    • Speech Recognition Device, and Method and Program thereof
    • Method and apparatus for speaker recognition via comparing an unknown input to reference data
    • Voice authentication system having cognitive recall mechanism for password verification
    • System, Device, Method, and Program for Speech Recognition, and computer-readable Recording Medium where the Speech Recognizing Program is recorded
    • Method for the Voice-operated identification ot the user of a telecommunication line in a telecommunications network in the course of a dialog with a voice-pperated dialog system
    • Method and apparatus for differential compression of speaker models for speaker recognition
    • Apparatus and Method for Extracting Speaker’s feature, Speech Recognition Device, Speech Synthesizer, and Program Recording Medium
    • Speaker recognition using spectrogram correlation
    • Speaker recognition using dynamic time warp template spotting
    • Method for managing speaker dependent type voice data in voice recognition telephone
    • Navigation device, and information retrieval method using speech recognition for the navigation device
    • Automatic text-independent, language-independent speaker voice-print creation and speaker recognition
    • Speaker recognition using a hierarchical speaker model tree
    • Methods and apparatus for concurrent speech recognition, speaker segmentation and speaker classification
    • Text independent speaker recognition with simultaneous speech recognition for transparent command ambiguity resolution and continuous access control
    • Speaker Recognition
    • Speaker recognition for security systems involves accepting or rejecting spoken authorization depending on measure of credibility computed while detecting access authorization
    • Method and apparatus using spectral addition for speaker recognition
    • Method for recognizing a speaker and environment adaptive voice of a small-sized mobile terminal, specially with regards to guaranteeing optimum voice recognition performance by using model parameters
    • Speaker Learning Method for Voice Recognition
    • Speaker adaptation device of continuous voice recognition system
    • Caption generator, retrieval device, method for integrating document processing and speech processing together, and program
    • Speaker Recognition System