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    Patents in the field of Prosody Information Processing

    • Corpus-based prosody translation system
    • Prosody generation device and program
    • Method for prosody generation by unit selection from an imitation speech database
    • System and method of providing conversational visual prosody for talking heads
    • Retaining prosody during speech analysis for later playback
    • Method of speech segment selection for concatenative synthesis based on prosody-aligned distance measure
    • Prosody based audio/visual co-analysis for co-verbal gesture recognition
    • 2-D processing of speech
    • Application of emotion-based intonation and prosody to speech in text-to-speech systems
    • Prosody generation for text-to-speech synthesis based on micro-prosodic data
    • System and methodology for prosody modification
    • A system and methodology for prosody modification
    • Generation and synthesis of prosody templates
    • Method and apparatus for generating dialog prosody structure and speech synthesis method and system employing the same
    • Method and apparatus for speech synthesis without prosody modification
    • Corpus-based prosody translation system
    • Method and apparatus for performing prosody-based endpointing of a speech signal
    • Prosody generating device, prosody generating method, and program
    • Prosody template matching for Text-to-Speech System
    • Device and method for prosody generation at visual synthesis
    • Computer prosody user interface
    • Method for encoding of prosody for speech encoder working at very low bit rates
    • Signal Recognition Device using Prosody Table
    • Speech Recognition System
    • Process of Coding of Prosody for Conversation at Low Decibel Levels