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    Patents in the field of Categorisation

    • Automatic text classification method is computer based and involves determination of word property occurrence frequencies so that it is more qualitative than existing methods which are purely quantitative
    • System and method for document section segmentation
    • Information processing for searching categorizing information in a document based on a categorization hierarchy and extracted phrases
    • Article Inspection System and Article Sorting System by Speech Recognition Introduction
    • Method and apparatus for multi-class, multi-label information categorization
    • Task driven taxonomy and applications delivery platform
    • Method for automatic classification of document, method for visualization of information space, and information retrieval system
    • Document categorization and evaluation via cross-entrophy
    • Categorization guide device
    • Self-organizing neural network for plain text categorization
    • Document categorization engine
    • Automatic categorization of documents based on textual content
    • Method and appartus for explaining categorization decisions
    • System for Translating/Sorting Multilingual Searched Data and Method for Multilingual Search using the same
    • Method and system for automated categorization of statements
    • Decision-tree-based symbolic rule induction system for text categorization
    • Algorithm for automatic selection of discriminant term combinations for document categorization
    • Method of categorization and indexing of information
    • Method for learning and combining global and local regularities for information extraction and classification
    • Creating taxonomies and training data for document categorization
    • Category based, extensible and interactive system for document retrieval
    • Categorization based text processing
    • Data storage and retrieval system with optimized categorization of information items based on category selection
    • Large margin perceptrons for document categorization
    • Method and apparatus for content identification and categorization of textual data
    • Method for improvement accuracy of decision tree based text categorization
    • Method and apparatus for classifying documents within a class hierarchy creating term vector, term file and relevance ranking
    • Document Categorization Engine
    • Text categorization toolkit