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    Patents in the field of Thesauri WordNets

    • Method and Apparatus for Building a User Defined Technical Thesaurus using on-line Databases
    • Electronic Thesaurus for internet search machine
    • Thesaurus retrieval and synthesis system
    • Method for Constructing Korean Word Net
    • Interactive connotative thesaurus system
    • Method and Device for Registering Unknown Word with Noun Thesaurus and Recording Medium with Unknown Word Registration Program Recorded therein
    • Thesaurus Formulation Support Device and Thesaurus Formulation Support Method
    • Query Based Reference Method for Extracting Concept of Thesaurus
    • Method for Managing Thesaurus Knowledge for searching Customized Web Document
    • Device for forming combined electronic thesaurus comprising multiple thesauri by selecting thesauri and loading via telecommunications network
    • Device and Method for Computing Similarity of Word in Thesaurus and Recording Medium
    • Electronic Thesaurus and Method for searching Synonyms Therewith
    • Device for creating electronic thesaurus from electronic document by determining burstiness value depending on frequency and distribution of words
    • Generating a List of Terms and a Thesaurus from Input Terms
    • Integrated Thesaurus Preparing Device, Corrected Thesaurus Preparing Device, Information Collectable Thesaurus Preparing Device, Integrated Thesaurus Preparing Program Storage Medium, Corrected Thesaurus Preparing Program Storing Medium and Information Co
    • Method for Automatically Constructing and Searching Thesaurus
    • Word Thesaurus Structuring Method and Computer Software Program Product for Making Computer System Structure Word Thesaurus
    • Thesaurus Dictionary Generator for Case Translation
    • Method for Gradually Constructing Thesaurus to Effectively Search for Goods in Electronic Commerce, Selective Expansion Browsing and Intelligent Query Method