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    Patents in the field of Statistical Machine Translation

    • Statistical Memory Based Translation System
    • Statistical Memory-based Translation System
    • Statistical memory-based translation system
    • Statistical method and apparatus for learning translation relationships among words
    • Phrase to phrase joint probability model for statistical machine translation
    • Syntax-based statistical translation model
    • A Syntax-Based Statistical Translation Model
    • Statistical Translation using a large Monolingual Corpus
    • Statistical Method for Building a Translation Memory
    • Statistical method for building a translation memory
    • A Phrase-to-Phrase Joint Probability Model for Statistical Machine Translation
    • Method of Generating Translation Model in Statistical Machine Translation
    • Statistical translation system with features based on phrases or groups of words
    • Statistical translation system and method for fast sense disambiguation and translation of large corpora using fertility models and sense models
    • Statistical machine translation
    • Statistical translation using a large monolingual corpus
    • Statistical Machine Translation