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    Patents in the field of Tokenization and Segmentation

    • Sentence segmentation system
    • Method and Device for Word Segmentation
    • Sentence segmentation method and sentence segmentation apparatus, machine translation system, and program product using sentence segmentation method
    • Single Word Segmentation Method
    • Method for dividing sentences in Chinese language into words and its use in error checking system for texts in Chinese language
    • Morphological analyzer, natural language processor, morphological analysis method and program
    • Chinese Word Segmentation Apparatus
    • Segmentation approach for speech recognition systems
    • Method of segmentation of chains of words in the training phase of a connected word recognizer
    • Method and apparatus for improved tokenization of natural language text
    • System and iterative method for lexicon, segmentation and language model joint optimization
    • Word segmentation in chinese text
    • Method and Apparatus for flexibly assigning Tokenization Procedures
    • Method for language-independent text tokenization using a character categorization
    • System for chinese tokenization and named entity recognition
    • Method and Apparatus for Efficient Segmentation of Compound Words using Probabilistic Breakpoint Traversal
    • Character segmentation technique with integrated word search for handwriting recognition
    • Customized tokenization of domain specific text via rules corresponding to a speech recognition vocabulary