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    Patents in the field of Signal Analysis and Representation

    • Signal Processing Apparatus and Method for Subband Analysis of Audio Signal Compressing
    • Analysis Method of Time Series Signals and Coding Method of Acoustic Signal
    • Signal analysis device, signal processing device, speech recognition device, signal analysis program, signal processing program, speech recognition program, recording medium, and electronic device
    • Frequency Analytical Method by Maximal Entropy Method
    • Speech information recognition device and speech information recognition method based on myoelectrical signal analysis
    • Enhanced signal analysis in an amplitude versus frequency format
    • 2-D processing of speech
    • Low data rate communications link
    • Maximum entropy deconvolver circuit based on neural net principles
    • Frequency Analysis Method, and Encoding Method of Sound Signal
    • Frequency Analyzing System by Maximum Entropy Method
    • Method and system for speech signal processing using speech recognition and frequency analysis
    • Speech signal analysis method and device for implementing this analysis method, speech recognition device using this device for analyzing speech signal, program for implementing this analysis method, and recording medium thereof
    • Audio signal frequency analysis method - using window functions to provide sample signal blocks subjected to Fourier analysis to obtain respective coefficients.
    • Signal analysis method and signal analysis system
    • Frequency Analysis Method and Sound Signal Encoding Method
    • Low-delay audio signal coder, using analysis-by-synthesis techniques
    • Device for the Analysis of an Audio Signal with regard to the Rhythm Information in the Audio Signal using an Auto-Correlation Function
    • Detecting emotions using voice signal analysis
    • Audio signal period analysis system uses autocorrelation function whose minimum is located to estimate periods of multiple signal components
    • Circuit arrangement for speech signal spectrum analysis, comprises band pass filters with simultaneously dischargeable speech signal energy storage devices