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    Patents in the field of Finite State Technology

    • Systems and Methods for Generating Weighted Finite State Automata Representing Grammars
    • Reducing the complexity of finite state machine test generation using combinatorial designs
    • Re-programmable finite state machine
    • Method and apparatus for extracting infinite ambiguity when factoring finite state transducers
    • Finite-state automaton modeling biologic neuron
    • System and method for implementing configurable finite state machine
    • Analyzing an extended finite state machine system model
    • Method and apparatus for factoring ambiguous finite state transducers
    • Method and apparatus for factoring unambiguous finite state transducers
    • System of Finite State Machines
    • Method and apparatus for efficient implementation and evaluation of state machines and programmable finite state automata
    • Systems and methods for generating weighted finite-state automata representing grammars
    • Finite state machine with associated memory
    • Method and apparatus for factoring finite state transducers with unknown symbols
    • Finite State Automation Generating Device
    • Finite state dictionary and method of production thereof