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    Patents in the field of Part-of-Speech Tagging

    • Natural language parser with dictionary-based part-of-speech probabilities
    • K-Best Part of Speech Tagging Apparatus and Method based on Statistics
    • Method for attaching Part of Speech Tag
    • Part of Speech Conversion System
    • Unknown Word Part of Speech Estimating Method
    • Part of Speech Selection System
    • Part of Speech/Word Estimating Device utilizing Transition Probability of Hierarchical Word Category
    • Method and apparatus for providing improved HMM POS tagger for multi-word entries and factoids
    • System and Method for Tagging Part of Speech while being adjusted to Subject
    • Device for Deciding Part of Speech
    • Method and Device for Estimating Part of Speech
    • Method and Device for Checking Error of Part of Speech using Partial Parsing
    • Method for part of speech determination and the usage
    • Part of Speech Selector for unknown Word
    • Method and apparatus for improved part-of-speech tagging
    • Methods for part-of-Speech determination and usage
    • Hybrid automatic translation apparatus and method employing combination of rule-based method and translation pattern method, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
    • Deleting Device for Ambiguity of Part of Speech
    • Method, device and system for part-of-speech disambiguation
    • Device and method for tagging part-of-speech
    • Part of Speech Giving Device
    • Method, Device and System for Part of Speech Disambiguation
    • Retrieval of records using phrase chunking