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    Patents in the field of Speech Coding

    • ADPCM Speech Coding Systems with Phase Smearing and Phase Desmearing Filters
    • Speech coding with background noise reproduction
    • Method and Device for Obtaining Parameters for Parametric Speech Coding of Frames
    • Speech coding/decoding method and apparatus
    • A Signal Modification Method for Efficient Coding of Speech Signals
    • Speech coding method and speech coding apparatus
    • Telescopic reconstruction of facial features from a speech pattern
    • Methods and systems for CELP-based speech coding with fine grain scalability
    • Method and system for low bit rate speech coding with speech recognition features and pitch providing reconstruction of the spectral envelope
    • Speech coding system and method using time-separated coding algorithm
    • Processing of acoustic waveforms
    • Method and Device for Coding Speech in Analysis by Synthesis Speech Coders
    • Speech Coding
    • Speech coding system with self adapting coding arrangement
    • High frequency enhancement layer coding in wideband speech codec
    • Recursively excited linear prediction speech coder
    • Bi-directional pitch enhancement in speech coding systems
    • Coding of acoustic waveforms
    • Computationally efficient background noise suppressor for speech coding and speech recognition
    • Method and system for integrated audiovisual speech coding at low bitrate
    • Codebook structure and search for speech coding
    • Voice encoder and synthesizer
    • Speech coding apparatus, linear prediction coefficient analyzing apparatus and noise reducing apparatus
    • A Method and Device for High Quality Coding of Wideband Speech and Audio Signals
    • Method for coding speech and music signals
    • Coding of acoustic waveforms
    • Pitch extraction methods and systems for speech coding using sub-multiple time lag extraction
    • Telescopic reconstruction of facial features from a speech pattern
    • Process of Coding of Prosody for Conversation at Low Decibel Levels
    • Speech Coding Apparatus and Speech Decoding Apparatus