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    Patents in the field of Text Compression

    • Compression of text images by soft pattern matching
    • Character compression and decompression device capable of handling a plurality of different languages in a single text
    • Compression/decompression algorithm for image documents having text, graphical and color content
    • Device and Method for compressing Text and Associative Storage Device
    • Full text index reference compression
    • Method for High Quality Compression of Binary Text Images
    • Apparatus and Method for Implementing Text Based Compression using Cache and Blank Approach
    • Text-compression technique using frequency-ordered array of word-number mappers
    • Text image data compression system
    • Context redundancy text compression
    • Text file compression system utilizing word terminators
    • Text Compression and Expansion Method and Apparatus
    • Word autocorrelation redundancy match facsimile compression for text processing systems
    • Method and computer program product for implementing text conversion table compression
    • Text Compression Intelligent as Language
    • Compression and Encoding System of Sentence Text
    • Text compression dictionary generation apparatus
    • Method for identification and compression of facsimile symbols in text processing systems