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    Patents in the field of Example-Based Translation and Translation Memories

    • Example Machine Translation System
    • Example-based translation method and system which calculates word similarity degrees, a priori probability, and transformation probability to determine the best example for translation
    • Statistical Memory Based Translation System
    • Translation with Original Example Sentence Retrieving Device
    • Statistical Memory-based Translation System
    • Multilingual translation memory, translation method, and translation program
    • Statistical memory-based translation system
    • Translation Example Retrieving Device
    • New Computer-Assisted Memory Translation Scheme based on Template Automation and Latent Semantic Index Principle
    • Statistical Method for Building a Translation Memory
    • Example Translation Device
    • Similar Example Translation System
    • Method and Device for Example Reuse Type Translation
    • Example based machine translation system
    • A Method and Apparatus for Example based Spoken Language Translation with Examples having Grades of Specificity
    • Method, Program and Apparatus for Automatic Creation for Dictionary of Translation Example
    • Example Type Natural Language Translation Method, Production Method and Device for List of Bilingual Examples and Recording Medium Recording Program of the Production Method and Device
    • Method for Selecting Translation Example using Similarity in EBMT
    • Example-based translation method and system employing multi-stage syntax dividing
    • Translation Example Sentence Editing Device
    • Parallel Translation Example Sentence Retrieving Device
    • Machine-assisted translation tools