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    Patents in the field of Text-to-Speech Synthesis

    • Method and System for Limited Domain Text-to-Speech Conversation
    • A Method and Device for Preparing and using Diphones for Multilingual Text-to-Speech Generating
    • Talking facial display method and apparatus
    • Intelligent Text-to-speech Synthesis
    • Device for Automatically Generating Voice using Text-to-Speech and Method therefor
    • Text-to-Speech System and Text-to-Speech Service Method using Internet
    • Speech synthesis using concatenation of speech waveforms
    • Improved Text-to-Speech Conversion
    • Text to Visual Speech Systems and Method Incorporating Facial Emotions
    • Text to Visual Speech System and Method Incorporatinc Facial Emotions
    • Conversation information adaptive information service providing method, conversation information adaptive information service providing system, and device and program therefor
    • Synthesized speech intelligibility enhancement through environment awareness
    • Audio and video synthesis method and system
    • Speech synthesis apparatus and method
    • Method of speech segment selection for concatenative synthesis based on prosody-aligned distance measure
    • Improved Text-to-Speech Conversion
    • Application of emotion-based intonation and prosody to speech in text-to-speech systems
    • Synthesis Unit Drawing up Method for High Quality Korean Text-to-Speech Transformation
    • Prosody generation for text-to-speech synthesis based on micro-prosodic data
    • Intonation Adjusment in Text-to-Speech Systems
    • Text-to-Speech System and Method using Smoothing Filters
    • Text-to-Speech Synthesizer having Formant Rule and Speech –Parameter Synthesis Modes
    • Text-to-Speech Native Coding in a Communication System
    • Text to visual speech system and method incorporating facial emotions
    • Distributed Realtime Speech Recognition System
    • Speech synthesis apparatus and selection method
    • Text-to-Speech Converter
    • Clustered Patterns for Text-to-Speech Synthesis
    • Speech Synthesis from Interpolated Voices
    • Three-party call type automatic interpreting system and method
    • Text-to-Speech Converting Device in Wireless Communication Terminal and Method thereof
    • Method and apparatus for generating dialog prosody structure and speech synthesis method and system employing the same
    • Method and apparatus for speech synthesis without prosody modification
    • Interactive speech based learning/training system formulating search queries based on natural language parsing of recognized user queries
    • Text-to-Speech Synthesizer and Program Recording Medium
    • An Optimal Synthesis Unit Selection Method in Text-to-Speech System
    • Voice encoder and synthesizer
    • Method, Device and System for Generating Segment Durations in a Text-to-Speech System
    • A Method for Training a Text-to-Speech System, the Resulting Apparatus, and Method of Use Thereof
    • Voice Communication by Phoneme Recognition and Text-to-Speech
    • Text-to-Speech Synthesis System and Method using Context Dependent Vowel Allophones
    • Text To Speech
    • Text-to-Speech System using Vector Quantization based Speech Encoding/Decoding