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    Patents in the field of OCR: Handwriting

    • Pen out-of-proximity handwriting-recognition trigger
    • Chinese Character Handwriting Recognition System
    • Spatial sorting and formatting for handwriting recognition
    • Method of Handwriting Recognition
    • Handwriting recognition system and method using compound characters for improved recognition accuracy
    • Input Device for Carrying out Handwriting Recognition for an Electronic Information and Communications System, and Method for Detecting Input Data
    • Semi-Transparent Handwriting Recognition UI
    • Handwriting recognition system using substroke analysis
    • Combined dictionary based and likely character string method of handwriting recognition and display
    • Methods and apparatus for handwriting recognition
    • Handwriting character recognition system using the angle and distance as the extracted features
    • Handwriting Recognition System
    • Handwriting coding and recognition
    • Multiple pen stroke character set and handwriting recognition system with immediate response
    • Handwriting character recognition devices and electronic devices incorporating same
    • System and Method for Automatic Subcharacter Unit and Lexicon Generation for Handwriting Recognition
    • Rotationally desensitized unistroke handwriting recognition
    • Method and apparatus for handwriting recognition using invariant features
    • Radical definition and dictionary creation for a handwriting recognition system
    • Method and apparatuses for handwriting recognition
    • In-line handwritten Chinese character recognition method and handwriting input method
    • Character segmentation technique with integrated word search for handwriting recognition