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    Patents in the field of Modality Integration: Facial Movement and Speech

    • Human-machine interface apparatus
    • Talking facial display method and apparatus
    • Fusion of audio and video based speaker identification for multimedia information access
    • Telescopic reconstruction of facial features from a speech pattern
    • Text to Visual Speech Systems and Method Incorporating Facial Emotions
    • Text to Visual Speech System and Method Incorporatinc Facial Emotions
    • Method for generating realistic facial animation directly from speech utilizing hidden markov models
    • Electronic facial tracking and detection system and method and apparatus for automated speech recognition
    • Audio and video synthesis method and system
    • Face recognition procedure useful for audiovisual speech recognition
    • Method of real time synthesizing dynamic facial expression by speech and single image
    • Text to visual speech system and method incorporating facial emotions
    • Method and apparatus for extracting speech related facial features for use in speech recognition systems
    • Automatic cueing of speech
    • Lip Shape Specification Program, Speech Intention Detection Program and Image Generation Program for Face Recognition
    • Dynamic control of resource usage in a multimodal system
    • Method and system for integrated audiovisual speech coding at low bitrate
    • Method and apparatus for synthetic speech in facial animation
    • Personal access control system using speech and face recognition
    • Facial feature extraction method and apparatus for a neural network acoustic and visual speech recognition system
    • Telescopic reconstruction of facial features from a speech pattern