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    Patents in the field of OCR: Print

    • Method and apparatus for performing optical character recognition (OCR) and text stitching
    • OCR Processing System, OCR Processing Method and Computer Readable Storage Medium Storing Program for OCR Processing
    • Binary Coding Circuit for OCR
    • Method for High Recognizable and Readable OCR Input of Korean Notes
    • Universal Character Segmentation Scheme for Multifont OCR Images
    • System for Verifying Validity of Print Data for OCR
    • Method for Modifying OCR Recognition Result
    • Optical Character Reading Device and Method of Detecting Life of OCR Numbering Print Cassette Ribbon
    • Automatic language identification system for multilingual optical character recognition
    • Automatisches Sprachenerkennungssystem fuer die mehrsprachige optische Zeichenerkennung
    • Exchange OCR System
    • OCR Multi-Recognition Correcting Processing System
    • System and method for determining text font in an OCR system
    • Systems and methods for triage of passages of text output from an OCR system
    • Optical Character Reader and Breakage Detection Method for OCR Transport Document
    • Using multiple documents to improve OCR accuracy
    • For OCR Format Parameter Generation Method
    • OCR System
    • Document Accepting System for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Centralized OCR Exchange Processing System