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    Patents in the field of DSP Techniques

    • Digital signal processing (DSP) techniques for FT-IR multiple modulation measurements using a photoelastic modulator (PEM)
    • Multi-purpose WAN driver for DSP resource adapter
    • DSP signal processing for open loop fiber optic sensors
    • A Method and Apparatus for Dynamic DSP Resource Management
    • Multi-speed DSP kernel and clock mechanism
    • Dyadic DSP instruction processor with main and sub-operation functional blocks selected from each set of multiplier and adder
    • DSP with dual-mac processor and dual-mac coprocessor
    • Methods and Systems for DSP Based Receivers
    • External bus arbitration technique for multicore DSP device
    • DSP based dynamic resource allocation multiprocessor communications board
    • Methods and systems for DSP-based receivers
    • Shared component clock protrction for multicore DSP device
    • Method for digital signal processing, DSP, mobile communication and audio-device
    • DSP control apparatus and method for reducing power consumption
    • DSP Platform for Digital Cellular Mobile Radio Communication Systems
    • Method for digital signal processing, DSP, mobile communication and audi o-device
    • DSP execution unit for efficient alternate modes of operation
    • Adaptive method and apparatus for allocation of DSP resources in a communication system