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Language Technology World (LT World) is an ontology-based virtual information center on the wide spectrum of technologies for dealing with human languages. It is a free service provided to the R&D community, potential users of language technologies, students and other interested parties by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Design and construction of the virtual information center formerly has been supported by a grant of the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) through the collaborative project COLLATE Computational Linguistics and Language Technology for Real Life Applications from 2000 - 2006. From 2009 to 2011 it is additionally supported through , and to a smaller degree by since January 2011 it is supported through, and a service provider for .


Current LT World Team:

  • Hans Uszkoreit, Brigitte Jörg, Alastair Burt, Laura Gabrysiak-Gómez, Holmer Hemsen, Joachim Daiber


Past Team Members:

  • Gregory Gulrajani, Witold Drozdzynski, Tilman Wegst, Gregor Erbach, Lucia, Ingala Hornung, Elizabeth de Sousa Pinto


Advisory Board:

  • Steven Bird, Martin Kay, Sharon Oviatt, Donia Scott, Oliviero Stock, Hans Tillmann


The portal will be further maintained and content updates are on the list of ToDos.

Please send comments, queries and requests to .

One major source of knowledge in language technology is the Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology. For many topics, this source has provided the best references for our virtual information center. We thank the authors, editors and sponsors of this resource for their service to the field. The Survey was jointly funded by the European Commission and by the National Science Foundation of the USA.

Another important resource for LT World is the Natural Language Software Registry, the world wide database on language technology systems which has been operated by DFKI under the auspices of the Association of Computational Linguistics (ACL).


We are grateful to our summer students, research assistants and interns for their hard work in manual data collection and classification: Nuria Bertomeu, Mireia Farrús Cabeceran, Iris Kersten, Mirjam Kessler, Elizabeth de Sousa Pinto, Feilong Xu


Specialists in numerous areas of language technology have contributed by providing advice and valuable link collections to LT World: Tania Avgustinova, Markus Becker, Thorsten Brants, Andrew Bredenkamp, Paul Buitelaar, Stephan Busemann, Joanne Capstick, Matt Crocker, Berthold Crysmann, Thierry Declerck, Ralf Engel, Gregor Erbach, Andreas Eisele, Anette Frank, Martine Grice, Silvia Hansen-Schirra, Anthony Jameson, Walter Kasper, Frank Keller, Bernd Kiefer, Dietrich Klakov, Kerstin Klöckner, Alexander Koller, Valia Kordoni, Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Geert-Jan Kruiff, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova, Günter Neumann, Jakub Piskorski, Noemi Preissner, Detlef Prescher, Norbert Reithinger, C.J. Rupp, Bogdan Sacaleanu, Sven Schmeier, Marc Schröder, Spela Vintar, Tillmann Wegst, Dorothee Ziegler-Eisele


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