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February 29, 2012

March 01, 2009

The goals of EuroMatrixPlus are:

Firstly, the project will continue the rapid advance of machine translation technology, creating example systems for every official EU language, and providing other machine translation developers with our infrastructure for building statistical translation models.

Secondly, the project will continue and broaden the controlled systematic investigation of different approaches and techniques to accelerate the scientific evolution of novel methods, including both selection and cross-fertilization. The aim is to arrive at scientifically well understood novel combinations of methods that are proven superior to the state of the art.

Thirdly, the project will focus on bringing machine translation to the users, in addition to focusing on scientific advances. Because our statistical models are derived from example translations, we believe that there is potential for a synergistic relationship in which users suggest improvements to the system by post-editing its output, and the system improves itself by learning from user feedback.

Fourthly, the project will contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the European MT research scene and infrastructure through its open international competitive shared tasks and living community supported surveys of resources, tools, systems and their respective capabilities.

  • European Union (EU)