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You are here: Home kb Players & Teams Projects Test Suites for Natural Language Processing (TSNLP)

Test Suites for Natural Language Processing (TSNLP)

  • University of Essex

  • Klaus Netter
  • Dominique Estival
  • Hans Uszkoreit
  • Siety Meijer
  • Lorna Balkan
  • Sabine Lehmann
  • Eva Dauphin
  • Veronika Lux
  • Frederik Fouvry
  • Sylvie Regnier Prost
  • Stephan Oepen
  • Doug Arnold
  • Kirsten Falkedal

  • Linguistic Research and Engineering programme of the European Comission (DG XIII)

  • English

  • Multilingual

  • Natural Language Interface