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Projects in the field of Multilinguality

  • Medical Informationa Analysis and Retrieval (KRESHMOI)
  • Europeana Connect
  • Dutch Parallel Corpus (DPC)
  • International Corpus of Learner English (ICLE)
  • Prague Arabic Dependency Treebank (PADT)
  • Overcoming the language barrier complicating the investigation of the financing of terrorism and serious financial crimeS (MV Projekt)
  • Platform for online sharing of training data and building user tailo- red machine translation (Let's MT!)
  • Effective Multilingual Interaction in Mobile Environments (EMIME)
  • Advancing the Multilingual Web, Thematic Network (MULTILINGUALWEB)
  • Terminology Extraction, Translation Tools and Comparable Corpora (TTC)
  • Platform for automatic, normalized annotation and cost-effective acquisition of language resources for human language technologies (PANACEA)
  • Lingu@net World Wide (Lnet WW)
  • Open Source Morphologies (Omor)
  • AAC Multilingual Platform
  • Herramientas y tecnologías para el impulso de las tecnologías de la lengua (BERBATEK)
  • Web-based interactive language learning and necessary resources
  • Transliteration-Based Matching for Out-Of-Vocabulary Words in CLIR Applications (FITE-TRT)
  • Biased Learning for Disambiguation (ISIC-D5)
  • Multilingual Organic Information Management in the Medical Domain (MORMED)
  • Pattern Recognition-based Statistically Enhanced (PRESEMT)