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Projects in the field of Computational Psycholinguistics

  • Grammar-Based Robust Natural Language Processing (GRAMPLUS)
  • Acquisition of Phonotactic
  • Documentation of Endangered Languages (DOBES)
  • Integrating social and representational aspects of problem solving across the highschool curriculum
  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • An integrated account of inference and cohesion-establishment in discourse processing
  • The Relationship between Language and Communication in Aphasia
  • Contextual Diversity: a powerful,new predictor of language processing behaviour
  • The match-mismatch conjecture and learning to use data-flow visual programming languages
  • The Recognition of Disfluencies in Spontaneous Speech
  • Computational Psycholinguistics: natural and artificial language acquisition and -processing. (GOA)
  • Focusing and relationship between events in discourse
  • The Impact of Collaborative Form Filling on Customers
  • Franco-British Centres Collaborations
  • A data-driven model of language acquisition: Computational and psycholinguistic investigations
  • The markedness ordering principle: a cross-linguistic exploration
  • ESPRIT Basic Research Project 6665 (DANDELION)
  • Language acquisition
  • Neglect dyslexia: computational and experimental investigations
  • Language production
  • Syntactic factors in language production
  • Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Use (KNAC)
  • Verbal Production and Problem Solving (PROVERB)
  • SAK
  • Anaphora presupposition
  • Group decision making and communication in innovative industries
  • Representation and Anaphora 2
  • Cooperative Man Machine Architectures- Cognitive Architecture for Social Agents (CoMMA-COGs)
  • Reanalysis: Computational Theory and On-line Investigations
  • The Development of Interactive Communication Skills between 7 and 15
  • Consensus transcription system for German Intonation (GToBI)
  • Communication skills in adult and child dialogues
  • Special Research Program: Linguistic Data Structures: On the Relation between Data and Theory in Linguistics (SFB441)
  • Representation and Anaphora
  • European Working Group on Discourse and Dialogue (DANDI)
  • The Impact of Communication Media on Children's Dialogues (ICMCD)
  • HearNet
  • Forming Text Representations with Neural Networks
  • Health Care Team Composition and Functioning: Team Communication and Decision Making
  • Crosslinguistic Project on Pre- and Protomorphology in Early Language Acquisition (Morphology)
  • Violations of modularity
  • Co-ordination in child and adult dialogues