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Projects in the field of Presentation and Visualisation

  • Natural Language Processing - Portal at the University of Klagenfurt (NLP - Portal)
  • Design of a Contents-Based Information Assistant (ASSISI)
  • MED
  • SENSUS Project
  • Real user needs on ATM (RUNATM)
  • Adaptive Communication Assistant for Effective Infobahn Access (AiA)
  • practical assessment of multimedia wide area computer supported cooperative work (PAMWAC)
  • Automatic Generation of Graphical Abstraction (ARP)
  • Multiple Internet Agents for User-adaptive Decision Support (Miau)
  • AN Intelligent Animation Tool (CATHI)
  • LayLab
  • Knowledge-Based Presentation of Information (WIP)
  • Knowledge-Based Assistance for Requirements Analysis at Telekom (KARAT)
  • Semi-automatic Indexing Systems for Technical Abstracts (SISTA)
  • Human conditional reasoning
  • Multilingual Digital Culture (MUDICU)
  • Spatial Cognition Engine (SpaCE)
  • Multilingual Digital Culture Web Project (MUDICU)
  • WWW-Persona
  • Resource adaptive navigation aids (REAL)