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Projects in the field of Natural Language Generation

  • Norsk komputasjonell grammatikk (NorGram)
  • Linguistische Inferenz fuer die Semantische Auswertung (LISA)
  • Computational Phonology: A Constraint-Based Approach
  • Sentence Planning Using Description (SPUD)
  • RainbowII
  • SUM
  • VerbMobil GEneration COmponents for stage II (VM-GECO-II)
  • Dynamic Document Delivery (DDD)
  • Patient Information Language Localisation System (PILLS)
  • Flexible Empiricist/Rationalist Generation Using Syntax (FERGUS)
  • Event-based Semantics for Text Generation (STAGE)
  • Generating nominal Expressions (GNOME)
  • AN Intelligent Animation Tool (CATHI)
  • Knowledge-Based Presentation of Information (WIP)
  • MSA2
  • The Swedish Core Language Engine (S-CLE)
  • Nitrogen
  • The Editor's Assistant
  • Spatial Cognition Engine (SpaCE)
  • SOLE
  • Situated Interaction on Spatial Topics (SISTO)
  • Smoking Termination with cOmputerised Personalisation (STOP)
  • HealthDoc
  • Fragments in Dialogue
  • DFKI Presentation Agent (PRESENCE)
  • A Reference Architecture for Generation Systems (RAGS)
  • WWW-Persona
  • Multilingual Personalised Information Objects (M-PIRO)
  • ntelligent Labelling Explorer (ILEX)
  • VerbMobil GEneration COmponents (VM-GECO)
  • Resource adaptive navigation aids (REAL)
  • Simple4All