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Projects in the field of Knowledge Discovery

  • Japanese-English Translation Using Corpus-based Acquisition of Transfer rules (JETCAT)
  • Automatic Monitoring for Cyberspace Applications (AMICA)
  • Extraction et représentation de connaissances (ORPAILLEUR)
  • KNOWBEL TECHNOLOGIES : Get knowledge out of information (KNOWBEL)
  • Plataforma de extracción automática de conocimiento a partir de fuentes de información estructuradas (C-EXTRACTOR)
  • Ditital Aristotle (HALO)
  • Web-based Intelligence for common-interest fiscal Networked Services (WINS)
  • How Much Information?
  • A Cluster of European R&D Projects in Crosslingual Information and Knowledge Management Systems (CLASSiks)
  • Converse in Athens-2004, Cologne, Helsinki (CATCH-2004)
  • Specificity in Graphics and Natural Language (SIGNAL)
  • MED
  • Intuitive-Human-Technology-Interaction for the interlaced Information-World of the future (INVITE)
  • Rough'n'Ready
  • Knowledge Discovery from Multiple Transportation Data Sources
  • SENSUS Project
  • VirtualOffice
  • Language Independent Querying for Information Discovery (LIQUID)
  • Internet-based Research Information System (IRIS)
  • Enabling End-User Datawarehouse Mining (Mining Mart)
  • Mapping information to modalities 2
  • People and Knowledge Cross-Lingual Information Gathering (PEKING)
  • Instruction-based Learning for Mobile Robots (IBL)
  • Real user needs on ATM (RUNATM)
  • Metadata Research Program (OASIS)
  • Dynamic Interpretation of Natural Language (DYANA II)
  • Fujitsu
  • Project Intelligence
  • JISC-Stirling-implementation work
  • Creating Learning Organisations with Contextualised Knowledge-Rich Work Artefacts (CLOCKWORK)
  • Standards-based Access service to multilingual Lexicons and Terminologies (SALT)
  • KnowMore
  • Natural Negation Modeling and Processing (NEXING)
  • Multiple Internet Agents for User-adaptive Decision Support (Miau)
  • ATM LAN Pilot (ALP)
  • LayLab
  • Hyper-Interaction within Physical Space (HIPS)
  • Knowledge-Based Presentation of Information (WIP)
  • Knowledge-Based Assistance for Requirements Analysis at Telekom (KARAT)
  • HLT Opportunity Promotion in Europe (HOPE)
  • Scene of Crime Information System (SOCIS)
  • Web Site Development
  • Grammars and Resources for Analyzers of Corpora and their Evaluation (GRACE)
  • The Knowledge Discovery Network of Excellence (KDNet)
  • Multimedia Abstract Generation for Intensive Care (MAGIC)
  • Future Lines of User Interface Decision Support (FLUIDS)
  • Spatial Cognition Engine (SpaCE)
  • Learning, Training, Cooperation (Tele-LTC)
  • Data Mining and Decision Support for Business Competitiveness: A European Virtual Enterprise
  • Seamless
  • LHNCBC: Biomedical Knowledge Discovery Project
  • Facilitating localisation and automating installation procedures (LOCOMOTIVE)
  • Better Access to Information using Language Analysis and New Displays and Organizations (BAILANDO)
  • Investigation in the Clinical Setting of the Use of CADetection system for Breast Screening
  • WWW-Persona
  • Multilingual Personalised Information Objects (M-PIRO)
  • DIRC
  • Resource adaptive navigation aids (REAL)
  • Platform for automatic, normalized annotation and cost-effective acquisition of language resources for human language technologies (PANACEA)
  • Lingu@net World Wide (Lnet WW)
  • Advanced data mining and integration research for Europe (ADMIRE)
  • Active Digital Memories of Collective Life (LIVEMEMORIES)
  • Vocabulary Acquisition from Speech and Images (VASI)
  • TrendMiner (FP7-ICT )