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Projects in the field of Spoken Dialogue Systems

  • Probabilistic Adaptive Real-Time Learning And Natural Conversational Engine (PARLANCE)
  • Automated, Voice Controlled Telecommunication Systems and their Applications
  • Specification, Interaction and Reconfiguration in Dialogue Understanding Systems (SIRIDUS)
  • Mass market E-commerce Services Using Multi-language Natural Spoken Dialogues (SPOTLIGHT)
  • Norsk komputasjonell grammatikk (NorGram)
  • Automatic Transcription and Normalisation of Speech (ATRANOS)
  • Design of a Contents-Based Information Assistant (ASSISI)
  • Converse in Athens-2004, Cologne, Helsinki (CATCH-2004)
  • Towards a Declarative Theory of Discourse (DTD)
  • Verbs and Nouns
  • Focusing and relationship between events in discourse
  • Spoken Dialogue Technology for Second Language Teaching
  • MagicLounge (ML)
  • Ellipsis and Anaphor (ELAN)
  • The markedness ordering principle: a cross-linguistic exploration
  • VirtualOffice
  • ESPRIT Basic Research Project 6665 (DANDELION)
  • User-Oriented Resource-Adaptivity (READY)
  • RainbowII
  • Limited RATIOnality (RATIO)
  • The Rochester Interactive Planning System (TRIPS)
  • Speech intelligibility 2
  • Natural Spoken Dialogue and Interactive Planning (TRAINS)
  • Local and Global Effects on the Comprehension of Pronouns
  • Interact
  • E-Mail Access through the Telephone Using Speech Technology Resources (E-MATTER)
  • HPSG Dialogue
  • Dialogues for the Home Machine Environment (D'HOMME)
  • Dynamic Interpretation of Natural Language (DYANA II)
  • Text Analysis and Machine Learning for Prosody (Genetic)
  • for Linking Information for Novel Discoveries and Insight (LINDI)
  • Prepositions: space, time, truth-conditions metaphor
  • Virtual Intelligent Co-Driver (VICO)
  • Spoken Language Dialogue Systems and Components (DISC)
  • Proof and Specification Assisted Design Environments (PROSPER)
  • Universal Networking Language (UNL)
  • Grammars and Resources for Analyzers of Corpora and their Evaluation (GRACE)
  • Semantic Analysis in a Modular System (SAMOS)
  • DIVE
  • PPP
  • Situated Interaction on Spatial Topics (SISTO)
  • Added Value Access to New Technologies & Services on the Internet (AVANTI)
  • Linguistic Foundation for Computational Linguistics (SFB 340)
  • The bottleneck of syntax in language technology research (SYNTAX)
  • Multilingual Natural Speech Technology (MUNST)
  • A computational and psychological model of discourse coherence
  • Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms for Language and Speech Technology (NELST)
  • Literacy Innovation that Speech Technology ENables (LISTEN)
  • Flexible and Adaptive Spoken Language and Multi-Modal Interfaces (FASIL)
  • DFKI Presentation Agent (PRESENCE)
  • Networked Expertise, Advice and Tuition (NEAT)
  • Better Access to Information using Language Analysis and New Displays and Organizations (BAILANDO)
  • Universal Speech Interface (USI)
  • Shallow PARsing and Knowledge extraction for Language Engineering (SPARKLE)
  • Interactive Learning, Self-Evaluation and Multimodal Technologies for Multidomain Spoken Dialog Systems (SD-TEAM)
  • Distant-speech Interaction for Robust Home Applications (DIRHA)